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Protect your corporate network

Network security is an integral component of an overarching security strategy as a result of the number of people now working from home or other locations several times a week. You, of course, want your staff to be able to log in securely while preventing unauthorised access, but this requires a different approach to just a few years ago. Protect your corporate network from unauthorised access, cyberattacks and data loss with Bechtle.

You may have a few team members that never come into the office, but they still need access to the network from a range of apps, systems and applications. The connection is made through the home network but also even via Wi-Fi on a train or at a café, but can we be sure that it is really secure?

With people connecting to your network from absolutely anywhere opens you up to all kinds of risks as you can’t tell from afar how reliable the security is. Against this backdrop, network security must be considered as part of an overall strategy, taking into account all technologies and process to protect your network, network traffic and any systems with access.

When it comes to networking, you want to be sure that:

  • your security is enough to prevent unauthorised parties getting in through a back door
  • and that your employees can quickly and easily log in no matter if they are in the office, at home or on the go.

Gain an insight into your corporate network.

Download the free whitepaper and find out more about network security and Bechtle’s vision. What are the best ways to protect your network? How can we support you? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in our whitepaper.


Network security – Best practices

Network security consists of several components including those listed below that are explained in more detail in the free whitepaper.

  1. 1) Provide one clear management platform
  2. 2) Leverage micro-segmentation
  3. 3) Install next-generation firewalls

  4. Apply zero trust security when it comes to corporate network access. Zero trust follows a “never trust, always verify” approach meaning that devices trying to connect to the corporate network are not trusted by default. 

Need help securing your network?

A good strategy is much more than just network security, which is why we at Bechtle have developed the IT Security Ladder. The more rungs you climb, the more secure your company. We’d be happy to help you get to the top and are also on hand if you have any specific questions. Just get in touch with our experts.


Kevin van Houtum

Connectivity Advisor

Phone +31 88 7078 144

Kevin van Houtum

Connectivity Advisor

Phone +31 88 7078 144

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