A foolproof backup strategy

No data loss

According to research, 75% of companies will fall victim to a ransomware attack by 2025. Backups should therefore make up an inherent part of your security strategy. Once your data becomes encrypted, you will no longer have access to important company information which can lead to repercussions for your reputation and operations. Regular backups are important due to the risk of falling victim to ransomware. But that’s just the start. Here at Bechtle, we help you to develop a robust backup strategy so that you don’t lose any data.

When your operations are interrupted or you lose important data, this has consequences for your company. Growing data volumes in businesses create the necessity for more storage space. Here at Bechtle, we collaborate with different manufacturers and offer a raft of backup solutions. The importance of the cloud in this context is growing.

Our solutions reduce the risk of:

1) Ransomware attacks;
2) Hardware troubles;
3) Human error;
4) Failing internet connections or power supply;
5) Devastating events in your data centre, for example a fire.

Five good reasons for a backup

There are many situations that underline the importance of a good backup. In this whitepaper we introduce five reasons for a backup and show you what we think a good backup strategy should look like. 


A solid backup strategy


It’s very important to calculate the acceptable risk of data loss and interruption to operations. But what is acceptable to you? How many minutes of lost data can you stomach? Maybe you can’t risk an interruption to certain processes at all? Your backup strategy should incorporate the answers to all these questions.

This is why we rely on a 3-2-1-1-0 backup strategy, where you always make sure that you have three copies of your files, your backups are on two different storage media, store one copy externally, make one offline backup and make sure that there are zero mistakes in your data. You can read more on the topic in our whitepaper that you can download at the top of this page.

Do you need help with your backup strategy?

You as a company are responsible for your own backups. Would you like to configure your backup processes yourself? We could take some weight off your shoulders with Backup as a Service. Get in touch. We’ll collaborate with you to find solutions while offering the best consultation, tailored to your needs.


Nicole Simons

Solution Advisor

Phone +31 88 7078 288

Nicole Simons

Solution advisor 

Phone +31 88 7078 288

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