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Manufacturer no.: SERV-NES

Bechtle no.: 4065777

Architecture: 32/64 bit, Segment: Corporate, Duration: 12 month(s), Product language: English United States, Operating system: FreeBSD, Cisco iOS, IBM AS400, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris, Windows


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The challenge of travelling data

Corporate networks are complex structures with a wide variety of access options that all require protection. From connecting on-premise PCs to accommodating employees’ personal tablets, it’s essential that you comply with common security standards. Network security ensures that data packets aren’t manipulated or accessed by unauthorised parties on their way to the intended recipient. After all, if you’re receiving data, you want to be sure that it’s genuine and sent by a legitimate person—and that no one has surreptitiously gained access to it en route. Check out our Bechtle online shop for suitable network security solutions.


Limiting access securely

Effective network protection takes place at multiple levels—namely the transmission layer, network layer and application layer. It’s important to continuously control all incoming data. But even before that, you must define access policies for every device and ensure compliance. Programs such as Symantec Network Access Control Starter Edition help you do just that. Other packages with substantially more features are also available. These enable even better protection for various cloud applications by using pre-assigned permissions which deny access to anyone without the appropriate rights.


Eliminating vulnerabilities

Network vulnerabilities are a real concern, as they’re often exploited by trojans and malware to gain entry into your network. Tenable’s Security Center allows you to monitor your network actively and passively. You can collect information about IT systems, third-party providers and network devices. Even dynamic IT assets such as clouds, containers and web apps can be inspected for serious vulnerabilities and quickly protected.


Network security software at Bechtle

Our online shop offers a variety of network security software aligned with the needs of businesses. We carry products by industry leaders, such as Tenable, Gemalto, Sophos and Microsoft. Certain services can be scaled as needed by purchasing additional modules to supplement basic features. And many of these software solutions keep configuration and maintenance hassle to a minimum. Discover the different software available at