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Over the years, print has evolved significantly. What was once a simple environment based on print speeds and cost-per-page, has evolved through phases of streamlining (managed print), to being obsolete (the mystical “paper-free” office), and now to what can be, if adopted correctly, a highly strategic component of a business.


By reframing traditional print as document solutions, a company moves from the functional to the strategic; understanding what additional benefits they could gain within their business. Bechtle’s highly qualified consultants will help review those benefits, to understand what is suited to you, and support any change through a range of services - such as managed print, automated workflows, secure print and many more.


Designed to help you reduce the cost of print within your business, whilst improving internal and external processes, the Bechtle Document Solutions pillar helps you:


  • Simplify and gain control of your print environment
  • Automate processes to streamline management
  • Secure data by providing visibility of what is being printed, and by whom
What Document solutions can we offer?


  • Managed Print
  • Document Workflow
  • Workflow Automation
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Every customer is different and each solution distinct, but we give every single project 100% with flexibility, cost effectiveness and uncompromising quality in mind for every one. While they won’t mirror your exact circumstances, our references will provide inspiration and ideas for your own IT goals.



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