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CO2 Footprint Bechtle Holding 2022

Most of Bechtle Holding B.V.'s CO2 emissions are linked to fuel consumption:


Bechtle has made the following commitment regarding the reduction of CO2 emissions:

Based on our insights into the consumption of electricity and fuels at Bechtle, as well as associated carbon emissions, we pledge to implement structural measures to achieve a considerable reduction in both consumption and CO2 output.



Bechtle has worked with experts from KVGM to realise the target footprint reduction and has also signed up to the Sustainable Supplier platform:

This platform suggests a number of useful tools that can be used to help reduce CO2 emissions In addition, CO2 performance and objectives are shared on the SKAO site: 


We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by 35% by the year 2020 through the following measures:

  • Purchase green electricity (wind, hydro or solar energy) generated in the Netherlands in order to completely eliminate scope 2 emissions associated with electricity consumption.
  • Reduce electricity consumption by using LED lighting and green IT resources.
  • Reduce fuel consumption by using fuel-efficient lease cars and encouraging fuel-efficient driving, including e.g. optimal tyre pressure. A target of 5% reduction in fuel consumption is the equivalent of a 2% reduction in overall CO2 emissions.