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IT is constantly opening up new opportunities for businesses. And this is a fantastic development, as the latest workplace solutions enable employees to get their work done faster and more easily. However, these new opportunities also mean that the IT landscape within companies is becoming increasingly complex. In the quest to benefit from the very best IT solutions, products can sometimes become outdated within a relatively short space of time.

Outdated equipment is generally recycled in the conventional way, and this one-sided system often results in disinvestment. IT equipment that has been written off is often sold to traders without companies really knowing what is happening to their unwanted products. The equipment disappears into ‘grey streams’. But things don’t have to be this way...

Choose IT Remarketing!

  • Secure removal of data
  • Sustainable
  • Controlled recycling
  • Real-time insight into every stage
  • Environmentally responsible processing of remaining material

Destruction of equipment

If the equipment cannot be reused, we ensure that it is destroyed in a controlled, certified manner. We reuse as much material as possible.

Pre-installation services

One example of our pre-installation services is the delivery of workplace equipment without packaging; leftover material is processed in an environmentally friendly way.

Certified software removal techniques

Whether equipment is donated, reused for commercial purposes or destroyed, the data stored on it will be removed with certified Blanco software. This method ensures that your company data never falls into the wrong hands. If required, the data carriers can also be destroyed entirely using a hard disk shredder.

Reports and physical cleaning

We draw up a report listing all systems that have undergone our certified data removal process or full data carrier destruction. We then remove any visual traces that would identify the customer (such as labels/stickers/engravings), and the system is cleaned.

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