What exactly does Customer Service at Bechtle mean?

Paul van Vlerken: “We deal every day with customers who would like to return a product or have ordered the wrong product. We answer their questions and we’re also in close touch with various service partners who repair defective devices on our behalf and on behalf of the manufacturers. We’re making our customers’ lives as easy as possible.”

How does our Customer Service connect to our customers’ need for mobility?

Paul: “We mainly provide services to organisations who in turn provide services for their own customers. These are businesses with up to 300 IT seats. Their own helpdesk works with us to sort out requests for repairs or support and they can rely on an optimal service based on defined SLAs (Service Level Agreements).”

Koen Buis: “Our customers may also choose to submit support cases through a dedicated portal, e.g. when a user has an issue with their smartphone. A first-line employee will determine if the issue is with the device itself or if it’s the MDM or SIM card that’s causing the trouble. We can then take targeted action right away and with maximum efficiency. It’s super easy and super fast.”

Is our service offering unique on the market?

Paul: “The fact that we  have a Customer Service team is not. Bechtle’s sheer size makes this a necessity. Back in the day, customers would have to get in touch with the manufacturers directly. If their Samsung device was broken, they had to call on Samsung. Our customers don’t have to do that anymore. We are their single point of contact, no matter the issue. We want to go the extra mile for our customers so building a Customer Service team was a logical step, and it certainly sets us apart from other providers and distributers.

Koen: The fact that our customers can choose one of two routes—calling Customer Service directly or submitting issues through a portal—really is unique on the market. People often tell me how glad they are that we take internal processes off their shoulders. We can optimally coordinate processes across departments. When it’s your first day on a new job and you get a fresh smartphone that just works and is preloaded and configured with everything you need, that’s great. We make that happen.”

Questions about Customer Service & Mobility?

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Paul van Vlerken

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Koen Buis

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