ARTICONA network technology  –  The foundations of a high-performance network infrastructure.

Fast, adaptable, reliable: the network requirements of the modern working world are becoming increasingly complex. ARTICONA offers a comprehensive range of network technology that covers all your network infrastructure needs and adapts to your company’s work processes and requirements—from RJ45 and fibre optic patch cables, switches, and converters to installation accessories.

Wide range of network cables.

ARTICONA prizes high quality cables and offers a 30-year warranty on its entire range. The wide product range includes RJ45 and fibre optic patch cables in various colours, lengths, and categories. In addition to its standard products, ARTICONA also offers network cables for special requirements, such as industrial patch cables, superflex patch cables, and ribbon patch cables. 

Articona RJ45 Patchkabel
RJ45 patch cables.

Large selection of cables in stock.

  • Standard cables in a range of colours, Superflex cables, industrial cables
  • Cables 100% continuity tested
  • 30-year warranty on all cables


Articona LWL Patchkabel
Fibre optic patch cables.

Lightning-fast data transfers.

  • Reliable fibre optic technology
  • Large selection of fibres and connectors
  • Fast transfer rates even over long distances


Articona RJ45 Verlegekabel
RJ45 installation cables.

Perfect for network installations.

  • Semi-rigid copper cables for infrastructure development and flexible patch cables
  • Perfect for use in patch panels and sockets


Reliable connections: Switches and media converters.

ARTICONA network switches are perfect for enterprises. Quick to install and easy to adapt to growing demands. ARTICONA media converters transform network signals from traditional RJ45 network cables into light impulses. Perfect for expanding existing networks or transmitting signals over long distances.

Articona Switches

Strong connections for network segments.

  • Effortless and uncomplicated installation
  • Compact design
  • Gigabit switches and fast Ethernet switches


Articona Medienkonverter
Media converters.

From copper to glass and back again.

  • Transform standard network connections into fibre optic connections
  • Transmits signals over large distances
  • Available in a range of versions


Mounting technology and cable management.

ARTICONA has the right connection technology for every need, and the cable management to go with it. The entire range spans patch panels and accompanying modules, sockets, cable tidies in various materials, and much more.

Couplers and sockets.

For professional network installations.

  • Connect or extend network cables
  • Adapters and sockets with LSA and RJ45 ports



RJ45 patch panels.

Ideal for expanding network cabinets.

  • Populated and unpopulated patch panels
  • Optionally available with keystone modules or LSA port.


Cable tidies.

Space-saving solutions for an organised workplace.

  • Cable tidies and ties made from a variety of materials including Velcro
  • Keep your cables organised!