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Thanks to modern technology, we’ve made great leaps in recent decades. However, discovering and using this technology is only possible if it works securely and without disruptions. Long story short, a future-oriented company requires future-oriented security.

Bechtle has over 30 years of experience in the IT sector. This is bolstered by ESET’s experience, also spanning three decades, in the field of digital security, which has led to the creation of a comprehensive security platform that protects your company from ransomware or suspect government parties.

Advanced security solutions by ESET guarantee the right degree of prevention, recognition and response. We will take care of the implementation, management and optimisation of your security platform. And you? You can lean back and focus on your company’s goals.

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For over 30 years, ESET® has been developing leading IT security software and services, designed to protect companies, critical infrastructures and consumers worldwide from increasingly complex digital threats. ESET has become Europe’s largest IT security company with solutions ranging from endpoints and mobile security to encryption and two-factor authentication. ESET is always there in the background to protect companies and monitor processes. Additionally, the security updates are processed in real-time in order to protect users and enable interruption-free operation. With threats becoming more acute, it’s now become a necessity for IT security companies to constantly evolve in order to ensure secure use of tech. This is made possible by global research and development centres by ESET, that are working towards a secure future for all of us.

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As an ESET platinum partner, we support you in choosing the right security level that matches the requirements and goals of your company.

Scalable and flexible solutions to stay one step ahead of any kind of threat


Endpoint Security

Nowadays, it's more important than ever before that your IT security is solid, reliable and easy to use. For all companies, from small to big. The ESET protect platform is a scalable security solution that protects your company holistically and in a future-secure manner.



Managed Detection & Response

ESET provides reactive, custom protection, minimising the risk operational processes being disrupted. Find out how MDR can provide you with a comprehensive insight into what’s happening at your company’s endpoints.




ESET provides an extended detection and response tool that you can use to monitor endpoint, e-mail and network activities in real-time. With ESET Inspect it’s also possible to carry out extensive analyses of suspicious processes and to react directly to incidents or violations.