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Work is not defined by the location, but by the tasks at hand.

Your employees need the freedom to work whenever and from wherever they want to—be it the office, at home or their favourite café. Poly provides the best technology for remote working for your employees. Our user-friendly solutions keep you connected to colleagues all over the globe in the easiest way possible.

In the past months, remote working has become more important than ever before. There’s been a huge migration of employees to working at home. Bechtle is expecting this to remain so in the foreseeable future, which is why it is so important for us to provide your employees with the right technology to stay in touch, no matter where they are. Poly offers the perfect solutions for every workplace and conference room to make sure that companies can keep on running.

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Why Poly?

Poly emerged out of Plantronics and Polycom and offers an extensive portfolio of headsets and (VoIP) telephone and video conferencing products that give you the benefit of the newest technologies, best wearing comfort and pristine audio quality.

Where your employees work from is secondary. Our products can make you work productively from any location.


We provide collaboration that’s personal.

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Poly Rooms Kits

Discover the Poly Microsoft Teams Rooms Kits

Flexibility, versatility and quality - Poly delivers all that with its solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms. Each of these All-in-One systems is available as Focus, Small, Medium or Large and fully equipped with a Poly conference camera with Poly Meeting AI technologies, a collaboration PC with and PC mount kit and an easy-touch controller.



Remote working with Poly

How has remote working been received by your employees in the past months? Professional communication cannot be neglected when working from home. We make sure that you can provide the best home office environment possible to your employees. 




More focus and creativity with Poly Unified Communications

Does working from at home without being disturbed by the kids or your partner, who is also working at home, sound like make-believe? Think again with Poly Unified Communications solutions.

Are some of your employees still at the office? They will also want to work without disruption. Open plan offices pose their own challenges: Colleagues walking around, talking loudly on the phone, slurping down coffee etc.

Poly offers a portfolio of solutions that remove pesky distractions at the workplace. Find out about our products and ask for a free demo.



Video conferences make remote collaboration personal

Nowadays, we hold online meetings rather than meeting in person. Poly provides user-friendly video conference solutions that are easy to provide and manage. Regardless of whether your employees are spread out across conference rooms at the office, huddle rooms or at home, with our video conference solutions, they’ll feel like they’re sitting right next to each other.




Get to know the range of Poly solutions

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