Collect, edit and analyse your data.

For over 50 years, Zebra has been offering technologies that help companies to assess inventory, resources and staff and to provide the right information at the right place. With Zebra products, you can collect data, edit and analyse it, as well as make sure that your users always have the right information at hand.

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Why Zebra technologies?

Bringing users together with the right information at the right time makes it possible to make decisions faster and better. It makes work more efficient while you can rise to the increasing challenges of customers. In businesses where a second more time can make all the difference, such as logistics, transport and retail, Zebra products are worth their weight in gold.

Zebra products are designed for intensive use. They are robust, available for a long period of time and supported in the long term. They can be used in rough environments such as in heavy industry but are also ideal for the healthcare sector, where hygiene plays a big role.

Upon request, you can close contracts for products that cover damages, defects and wear.  

Extended data collection.

At Bechtle you can find a whole portfolio of Zebra scanners that can read all codes, no matter how large or small, far away or close they are, in 1D and 2D. You have the choice between presentation scanners or hand scanners, with or without a cable. Decide on a lightweight or robust model, depending on the working environment. There are also RFID scanners that can ready several tags simultaneously without them being visible.


Label printing.

For each kind of label, there’s a Zebra product. From desktop printers to occasional printing of labels to solutions that can print thousands of labels. Mobile printers give users the freedom to print wherever they are.

You can also find card printers for printing various cards (loyalty cards and IDs etc.), and even with chips or magnetic strips. With wristband printers you can easily print wristbands for different occasions.

Many printers can be equipped with RFID and there’s a whole portfolio of labels, tags, cards, wristbands for use with these printers.


Enterprise Mobile Computing.

If you require mobile computers, Zebra’s portfolio is perfect for you. There’s a solution for every need. Touchscreen or keyboard, lightweight or rugged, extra rugged, devices that are worn on your wrist or vehicle-mounted terminals – we have it all. Most devices are equipped with a scanner and a camera for simple acquisition of data and information.