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Collaboration Tools: How and Why?

An interview with our collaboration consultants.

Collaboration tools are an integral part of everyday working life. More than 80% of companies indicate that they work with some form of collaboration tools. But does everyone use them efficiently? At Bechtle, we joined a dialogue with the collaboration consultants to find out what the current collaboration landscape looks like in Belgium.


More and more companies are working with collaboration tools on the work floor and externally. How many of your customers have already taken this step?

Jan Convents: "I can't speak for all of our clients, but the vast majority of them are definitely working on it. Most of them who were working with collaboration tools before the current crisis, were mainly companies that had a lot of employees working externally. Just think of consultants or representatives. Other companies often didn't even know they had such tools. Only now, with teleworking, they notice that they have Teams in their Office365 package, for example. So a lot of companies already had it, but are only using it very recently. But there's still a difference between owning collaboration tools and using them correctly and effectively.”


Tomas Kreemers: "Indeed, one of our major focal points regarding collaboration is the user adoption part. Organizations need to understand and acknowledge that without user adoption, employees will not use the tool adequately. That's why we provide the necessary training from Bechtle. This part is necessary for the customer to achieve the desired result and to get the necessary ROI out of it.”


What difference do you see within the collaboration landscape compared to a few years ago?



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