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Fabrikant nr.: 4P57A12649

Bechtle-Nr.: 4311958

Producttype: Voeding


Brutoprijs: € 186,10 incl. € 32,30 btw

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Fabrikant nr.: 7N67A00882

Bechtle-Nr.: 4307617

Producttype: Voeding


Brutoprijs: € 151,86 incl. € 26,36 btw

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Fabrikant nr.: 830272-B21

Bechtle-Nr.: 4241479

Producttype: Voeding


Brutoprijs: € 470,69 incl. € 81,69 btw

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Fabrikant nr.: 7N67A00885

Bechtle-Nr.: 4230281

Producttype: Voeding


Brutoprijs: € 229,30 incl. € 39,80 btw

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Fabrikant nr.: 7N67A00883

Bechtle-Nr.: 4191241

Producttype: Voeding


Brutoprijs: € 147,02 incl. € 25,52 btw

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Fabrikant nr.: 865408-B21

Bechtle-Nr.: 4183738

Producttype: Voeding


Brutoprijs: € 165,17 incl. € 28,67 btw

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Fabrikant nr.: 450-AEBL

Bechtle-Nr.: 988550

Producttype: Voeding


Brutoprijs: € 275,88 incl. € 47,88 btw

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Fabrikant nr.: POZ-PE90E01

Bechtle-Nr.: 960900

Producttype: Voeding


Brutoprijs: € 36,97 incl. € 6,42 btw

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Secure your power supply.

Power adapters ensure continual, fluctuation-free power to keep computers up and running. Although generally built into the device, they are also available in external versions, such as for notebooks. The most important specification to note is how much energy it supplies, with nominal power values usually falling between 300 and 1000 Watts. Our Bechtle online shop carries many ATX power adapters, featuring 550, 650 and 750 Watt performance, with built-in, automatically regulated fans, ensuring PC components remain cool. The accessories we offer include SATA power adapters as well as PSU testers with a display. Products are also protected by a one-year manufacturer bring-in warranty.


Minimising noise.

When selecting your power adapter, note the level of noise generated by the fan. At 20 decibels, ATX power adapters are particularly quiet—you can barely hear them—making them ideal for office use. They’re designed for installation in most computers and can therefore be used to replace defective parts. In addition, they provide multiple SATA power connections as well as connectivity options for other peripherals. Consult each product’s detailed specifications for more information. And if you have any questions, our product managers will be happy to assist you with expert advice.


Additional power supplies offered by Bechtle.

Our online shop carries a broad range of high-performance power supplies. Among our many product categories, you’ll find them as accessories for mobile computing products, peripherals—such as monitors, scanners, printers and dictation systems—and phone systems. For most popular devices and brands, power supplies are generally available for separate purchase, but before you make your selection, verify the adapter’s compatibility with your existing equipment by consulting its description. You’ll also want to note the manufacturer’s warranty conditions to ensure you’re fully informed.