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When we say sustainability, we’re talking about everything we do and how it impacts our environment. Sustainability is firmly embedded into our corporate culture because it takes a team that’s truly committed to help us achieve our goals.

If you think there’s no way IT can be sustainable, it’s time to think again. Our solutions are designed to make our customers more energy efficient. That’s one way we help save resources across the board. And of course we want to set a good example ourselves, too.

Our goals at Bechtle.

Bechtle Holding B.V.’s primary target for 2026 is to reduce scope 1 and 2 (plus business travel) carbon emissions by 70% compared to the 2017 baseline year. The measures described apply to the company as a whole and to bids where CO2 considerations gained us a competitive advantage.

You can find find more information about Q3 2023 and more recent data on the Bechtle sustainability page.


Bechtle Holding 2019 carbon footprint
Bechtle Holding 2020 carbon footprint
Bechtle Holding 2021 carbon footprint
Bechtle Holding 2022 carbon footprint
Bechtle Holding 2019 carbon footprint
Bechtle Holding 2020 carbon footprint
Bechtle Holding 2021 carbon footprint
Bechtle Holding CO2 uitstoot 2021
Bechtle Holding 2022 carbon footprint
Bechtle Holding CO2 uitstoot 2021

Objectives and measures.

Over the last few years, Buyitdirect has made huge strides in terms of sustainability and we are confident in achieving our goals in the future. In order to hit our target of 70% less carbon, Buyitdirect is taking the following action:

  • We purchase green power (wind, hydro and solar) generated in the Netherlands.
    As of Q4 2022 – Since 01 September 2019, Buyitdirect has been purchasing Dutch-generated green energy and its rented premises are equipped with solar panels.
  • We reduce energy consumption through the use of LEDs and ICT resources that are demonstrably sustainable.
    As of Q4 2022 – Buyitdirect’s offices were fitted with LED lighting in 2020 and the company uses as many green IT resources as possible.
  • We decrease fuel consumption by introducing a mobility policy and promoting fuel-efficient driving.
    As of Q4 2022 – Buyitdirect encourages its employees to switch to electric vehicles. Nearly the entire fleet of vehicles has been switched to greener engines and every new contract is concluded for electric vehicles. The aim is for the entire vehicle fleet to be electric by 2023.
  • We increase efforts to raise awareness among employees.
    As of Q4 2022 – Our hybrid work policy sees employees working in the office 3 times a week and from home twice. We took part in Warm Jumper Day and staff had the opportunity to buy LED lamps for their homes at a reduced price. In 2021, we held the Most Economical Driver competition to raise awareness of fuel-efficient driving habits among those using our fleet. Our company restaurant did their bit by serving delicious and exclusively meat-free meals for a week to draw attention to related carbon emissions and other environmental issues, and an updated lunch offering has introduced a vegetarian day once a week.


Raising awareness with the CO₂ performance ladder.

As a member of the Bechtle Group, Buyitdirect holds a CO₂ awareness certificate demonstrating that we as a company are consciously and actively working to reduce carbon emissions. This certificate is a crucial incentive to continue to use resources and energy as efficiently and sustainably as possible.


Sustainable collaboration with Stichting Nederland CO₂ Neutraal and SKAO.

Bechtle Holding B.V. has joined forces with Stichting Nederland CO₂ Neutraal. In 2021 and 2022, the company’s CO₂ managers took part in online events and workshops held by the foundation.

Our carbon footprint and goals are published on the website of Stichting Klimaatvriendelijk Aanbesteden & Ondernemen:

We’re proud of our achievements over the last few years:

2017-2020 Footprints
Bechtle Carbon Footprint (2018)
Bechtle Carbon Footprint (2019)