The generative AI revolution.

Generative AI has taken a huge leap forward in a short space of time. While in 2023, we were mostly still experimenting with the possibilities, now we see that AI has become integral to business operations. From automating repetitive tasks to improving customer experiences—AI can do it all.

Copilot – Your Microsoft 365 AI assistant.

A practical example of how generative AI is changing our daily work can be seen in Copilot for Microsoft 365. This smart assistant helps knowledge workers work more efficiently by creating summaries and setting out action items within teams among other things. It can understand context, is constantly learning and offers appropriate suggestions to make your working day that little bit more productive. In May 2024, Microsoft announced that customer service departments in particular were already benefiting significantly from Copilot.

Optimisations led to improved efficiency which resulted in:

  • A 12% increase in customer satisfaction
  • A 14% rise in cases resolved per hour
  • 77% of users saying they would not want to go without it.

Copilot has now also been made available in Dutch, which will also boost its value and the benefits it offers.

You can find more information about Copilot here.


AI and legislation.

The EU has passed the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act, regulating the use of AI systems. The more risk involved, the stricter the requirements. The Act applies to all organisations developing, marketing or deploying AI.


The future of AI in business.

Everyone is looking for some way of benefiting from AI these days, and that’s not really surprising when you look at concrete figures. AI is found in a whole range of software applications used by employees every day and it significantly boosts productivity and efficiency.

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