A look back on Zorg & ict 2024.

Zorg & ict is the leading health tech event in the Netherlands and this year saw thousands of professionals brought together once again. For three days, it was the place to be for sharing knowledge and collaborating on digital and future-proof healthcare solutions. As an IT partner, there was no way Bechtle could miss out and we’re going to take a look back on the highlights right here.

Exhibition takeaways

At Bechtle, our aim is to provide our healthcare customers with the best advice based on our knowledge and expertise of the latest developments. Each year, Zorg & ict gives our colleagues an insight into the current state of IT within the healthcare sector. Key innovations such as domotics, AI, VR, text-to-speech and Digital Healthcare took centre stage, along with automation to increase efficiency and improve care despite staff shortages and budgetary challenges.


Device as a Service

A prominent trend is the increasing role of mobile and ‘as a Service’ concepts within healthcare processes. Bechtle has been responding to this for some time with its proven DaaS and mobile-first strategies, but developments such as the NIS2 Directive and collective purchasing via Intrakoop also play a major role. Here, too, Bechtle can contribute directly to improving efficiency and security within healthcare organisations.

Software in healthcare

With 100 booths dedicated to specific healthcare automation issues, it was clear that many healthcare organisations use multiple software applications that are frequently developed by startups. Integrating these diverse solutions into a single cloud infrastructure is crucial for healthcare organisations looking to move to the cloud. Making the move to the cloud means lowering costs, the flexible deployment of IT resources and reduced management burden provided it is done in the right way and at the right time.

Challenges and legislation

A session on the NIS2 Directive revealed that there is still a lot of uncertainty about these regulations among healthcare professionals. Against this backdrop, Bechtle provides structure and clarity by providing information and support to healthcare organisations to comply with strict regulations and guidelines for cybersecurity and data protection. Want to know how Bechtle does it?



Efficiency through technology 

Technologies such as healthcare IT (e.g. home automation) and generic IT solutions are essential for increasing efficiency in the healthcare sector. It is important to outsource IT-related operational responsibilities to a trusted IT partner, freeing up resources and assets to allow IT departments to focus on core developments, resulting in a more efficient healthcare supply chain. 


Looking to the future 

Bechtle’s Healthcare Team, consisting of vendor-independent consultants, closely follows developments and supports some 130 organisations within the healthcare sector and Zorg & ict was an important platform for sharing insights.