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Microsoft - Jan 10, 2022

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S 50" and 85" Updates

The Surface Hub 2S has been on the market for a while now, but did you know that the software is being constantly developed for users and administrators alike? In this blog, Thijs Stobbelaar, AV Consultant at Bechtle tells us all about these developments.

The apps running on the Surface Hub 2S are increasingly progressive web apps rather than traditional apps. Thijs explains, “In the past, you had to install and update applications from the Microsoft store. In the future, applications running on the Hub will increasingly be kept up-to-date through regular Windows updates so that the end user doesn’t have to worry about it.”

For the end user, this represents a significant change in their application management and means life will be simpler for the IT department. The Microsoft Endpoint Manager already includes a Surface Management Portal. “IT administrators can use this to gain an overview of all available Hubs on the tenant and can see details regarding compliance, status (on/off), available warranties, etc. per Hub,” explains Thijs. In the future, you’ll be able to manage the Hub in the Teams Admin Center alongside, for example, Microsoft Teams Rooms for Windows and Microsoft Teams Rooms for Android.

Teams Rooms systems.

Thijs explains, “This is a good transition to the Teams Rooms systems. Microsoft Teams Rooms and Surface Hub interfaces and user experiences are becoming much more similar and the systems can to some extent also be used for the same applications, but also through Coordinated Join. When a Surface Hub is linked to Microsoft Teams Rooms via Coordinated Join, both act as a single system, even though they aren’t wired together.”

Launching a meeting in Microsoft Teams Rooms ensures that the Hub automatically joins the meeting so that it can be used as a whiteboard or for other purposes.

How is the Surface Hub typically used?

  • You can do much more in a meeting room than just hold video conferences. With the Hub, you can make notes, share information from OneDrive and maintain control of this information in a secure environment.
  • Not sure how many of your standard meeting rooms you need for hybrid meetings? You can start the process by purchasing a few mobile Surface Hubs, which can be used anywhere. You can then monitor their use to get a better understanding of your needs.
  • Share your meeting rooms with other companies in a shared office space? There are different options for sharing the Surface Hub. Everyone has their own login credentials and can access their own data even if they work for different companies.

With every update, the Surface Hub becomes a more practical and creative device that handles tasks with ease. What’s more, security is a crucial aspect that end users no longer have to worry about. Once you’ve shared your PowerPoint presentation (from your OneDrive environment) and clicked on ‘End session’, your data will no longer be visible to the next user.


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Thijs Stobbelaar

AV Consultant

Phone +31 6 15 66 59 16

Thijs Stobbelaar

AV Consultant

Phone +31 6 15 66 59 16

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This post was published on Jan 10, 2022.