Bechtle launches new proposition to help enterprises realise the benefits of Mac

  • Bechtle launches a new pan-European device as a service (DAAS) solution for Mac, to offer enterprise customers the freedom to procure Mac with lifecycle services for a fixed price per month.
  • Bechtle DAAS Compute for Mac reflects the increasing demand for Apple products in enterprise.

Selecting the most effective IT platform is a critical business decision and has a direct impact on business efficiency and team productivity. Bechtle DAAS Compute for Mac is built on Bechtle's expertise in deploying and managing Mac in business across all sectors and industries. Bechtle’s new Apple Authorised Reseller accreditation in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic and Hungary underlines Bechtle’s capabilities in deploying and managing Apple products and services for enterprise customers. 

Bechtle DAAS Compute makes it easier than ever to purchase Mac devices, including the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air powered by M1, Apple's powerful system on chip (SoC) designed specifically for the Mac. The M1 chip, combined with macOS Big Sur, delivers incredible performance and extraordinary battery life, as well as the largest collection of apps ever for Mac, all with industry-leading privacy and best-in-class security built right in. By subscribing to Mac as-a-service, companies can always work with the latest Mac hardware and software, allowing employees to work more efficiently and securely, reduce the IT workload and scale easily as the organisation grows. Bechtle has a dedicated team, specialised in implementing Mac as-a-Service, to support customers and deliver an unparalleled end-user experience. 

DAAS also creates improved overall security because of the close involvement of service teams and implemented software, which makes sure your device can be wiped anytime. DAAS actively monitors the device for errors, which means that the end-user will receive a new device within 24 hours or earlier when something goes wrong. This results in higher employee satisfaction.

Finally, Mac devices have a higher residual value than a PC. This means that when you decide to switch or renew your device, your investment will be worth more.
Jan Prinsen, Managing Director of Bechtle subsidiary ARP Netherlands and executive Sponsor of Bechtle’s Centres of Excellence in Marketing and X-AAS Propositions & Services outside of the DACH region in 11 countries: “With Bechtle DAAS Compute it will now be easier to offer employees a Mac. We are extremely proud of how we can help enterprises realise the benefits of Mac in business. This new solution combines Mac and services in a subscription model that gives companies more flexibility and choice which in turn can increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace.”

Management, service, security

With Bechtle DAAS Compute, companies don't have to invest time anymore in installing, repairing or delivering devices. With zero-touch deployment, all devices will be custom configured and ready for immediate use. 

The device management will be taken care of from the initial registration, which includes updates during the entire lifespan, until the cancellation of the EOL registration. The whole end to end lifecycle will be managed by Bechtle.

Additionally, Bechtle offers desk-to-desk support, which means that the service desk of a company will receive complete support and that all incidents will be solved. Broken devices will be swapped within 24 hours and when the contract finishes, you can trade-in your devices.