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Bechtle Healthcare. Stronger together!

In healthcare, quality is paramount. That’s why reliable IT solutions are so important in the healthcare sector. Bechtle’s Healthcare team specialises in making work processes in healthcare even more efficient and economical, simplifying IT management, and guaranteeing the security of data. The aim is to work together to ensure effective patient care and reliable risk management, paving the way for a healthy future.


If you would like to discover how to achieve smoother medical processes, administrative processes and/or logistics processes, then get in touch with Bechtle’s Healthcare team today! We have been supplying custom-made IT solutions for 30 years. We provide support with planning, designing and implementing hardware and software in healthcare, basing everything we do on the principle that IT should work for you, not the other way around. Our experienced experts are happy to advise you.



Mark van Dongen

Team Leader/Account Manager, Health


T +31 40 250 9030

In my role as Team Leader for Healthcare at Bechtle, I work enthusiastically every day with the account managers and business developers, advising our customers on a daily basis. Together, we operate mainly from the office. This means we’re always available and up to date on each other’s customers and ongoing projects. We also try to extend this interconnectedness to our customers, partners and vendors. This is precisely what makes our Healthcare team so effective. Together with our customers, we initiate IT projects, which we then discuss internally with our solution advisers and business consultants. After that we work towards the technical implementation and, together with our customers, identify the right vendor or partner to roll out the IT project.

From studying business management and working at Bechtle, I’ve gained a great deal of knowledge and experience of IT solutions and optimising business processes. The Dutch healthcare market is constantly evolving and for me, that makes it one of the most challenging markets in IT. Our healthcare solutions offer support for healthcare institutions in every conceivable area of IT. We’re also keen to help streamline processes within the care & cure market. I see it as a major challenge to relieve my customers of the task of searching for, identifying and implementing custom-made solutions!



Kees Janssen

Account Manager Health


T +31 40 250 9030



Frank Jansen

Account Manager Health


T +31 40 250 9030

One of the aspects that makes our services unique is that all the account managers are office-based, so we are available all day for tailored advice. We are brand-independent, so you are assured of objective advice at all times. If a project calls for wider expertise, we involve our internal solution advisers and business consultants, who handle the technical and conceptual development of projects. We can also take care of all the preliminary work faced by ICT departments, offering a wide range of services.

As an account manager, I make sure that healthcare institutions are advised on the best solution to their ICT issue. We actively monitor trends and developments in the care & cure market and use that knowledge to work with our customers and find the perfect solution!



Ramon van de Kerkhof

Account Manager Health


T +31 40 250 9030