Employee choice and Apple 

Did you know that 72% of employees would prefer to work with a Mac?

Studies show that there is a strong correlation between organisations who give their employees a choice in technology and employee retention, productivity, creativity and job satisfaction.

Technology plays a central role in either improving or degrading the employee experience. Does anyone enjoy working on technology they feel is old, unfamiliar or substandard?

The consumerization of IT is a movement where, instead of using what you are issues at work, you are able to use the device you want. Allowing employees to use the technology that they are most familiar with translates into numerous benefits for both the employer and the employee.

A Mac device can cost over €800 to €843 less than a comparable device.


This includes the cost of hardware, software and support plus operating costs when used over a 3-year period.1

Cost savings and time for innovation through easy deployment and management

Apple devices are not only intuitive and easy to use, but also easy to deploy and manage. All devices are powerful and security is a standard part of the design. This allows IT departments to save time on implementation and maintenance, time that can be spent on other things such as innovation and strategy. Time is money, so indirectly this also provides immediate cost savings.

Zero Touch Deployment makes deployment a breeze (deployment happens automatically when the employee takes the device out of the box), and thanks to enrollment in MDM, policies and applications are automatically set up on the device.

In addition, management is simple: the hardware and software is designed so that updates and patches are mostly pushed automatically (policies can be set by IT, possibly with Bechtle engineers)and employees can often fix any problems themselves because they already know the devices. They will need the IT help desk a lot less often!


Finally, your organization's data is safer with an Apple device: for example, business and private data are separated by default, reducing the risk of data breaches by up to 50%.



The impact of Mac in business

Forrester conducted a comprehensive study on the benefits and cost savings Mac can bring to organizations. Download the Forrester TEI of Mac in Business Study1 now and find out what Apple devices can do for your organization!