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Discover the range of innovative Apple products


A high resale value

The combination of sustainable hardware, simple software updates and a global network of technicians ensures that Apple products retain their value throughout their lifecycle.

A recent study shows that a Mac is $50.25 (approx. €44) cheaper than comparable PCs when hardware and software costs are spread over three years.

What’s more, Apple devices are easier to trade in when it’s time for an upgrade thanks to their high resale value.

Easy to set-up and operate

Intuitive use. As Apple products are so intuitive, employees can quickly get down to work and need less support, thus reducing costs.

Apple devices are easy to deploy and manage, even on a large scale and each iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV can be configured automatically.

This means your IT department doesn’t need to spend time installing or updating every device individually. Use Apple Business Manager to deploy devices directly to your end users and get them up and running as soon as possible.