Cisco Duo

Make working from home secure.

With an increasingly remote workforce, security is now more a priority than ever. Just how can you make sure your sensitive data is not exposed? With Cisco Duo, the user-friendly security platform for every user, every device, and every app.

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Why Cisco Duo?

Preventing data loss has been a major concern since before organisations were legally required to report security incidents. However, the EU GDPR demands that companies and governments really up their due diligence when it comes to their IT security strategy to nip breaches in the bud. But how do you prevent a breach? With Cisco Duo, you can proactively reduce risks by verifying users' identities, gaining visibility into your device fleet and enforcing adaptive policies to secure access to every application. In addition, Duo allows you to monitor device health and enable a consistent login experience with security-first SSO.

Cisco Duo benefits at a glance:

  • Secure remote access based on verified identities and device trust
  • Duo supports every MFA method (multi-factor authentication)
  • Endpoint visibility for deep insights into all devices
  • Granular data and reports on access activity and user behaviour
  • Create policies and restrict access for unauthorised users
  • Establish secure connections to all applications
  • Easily protect your employees’ personal data to comply with the GDPR
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