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In the digital world of today, ergonomic workspaces are more important than ever before. Bechtle and EIZO are offering solutions for a good working environment—exactly what your employees need to deliver their best performance. Make sure your employees’ desks remain clutter-free and eye and back pain are kept to a minimum.

EIZO means image in Japanese and this company really lives up to its name, by producing high quality monitors and display solutions for many sectors. Bechtle and EIZO are offering the essentials for the modern office, enabling your employees to work with the best image quality and perfect connectivity.

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Why opt for EIZO?

For more than 50 years, EIZO has been producing reliable products available in 90 countries, enabling your company to work with the best monitors with optimal image quality and ergonomic and sustainable solutions. EIZO’s products are reliable, a fact underlined by the extra-long warranty of five years.

We offer the following EIZO solutions

Monitors that function as full-fledged docking stations.

EIZO solutions make your employees’ lives as easy as possible. Always on the move? This often leads to confusing cable clutter. Not with EIZO. USB-C and multiple ports make it possible to work fast and effectively while having a clutter-free desk. Transform your monitor into a docking station and make the jump towards a modern workplace. Multiple ports make it easy to connect webcams, mice, keyboards and headsets.

Daisy-chain multiple monitors without a problem. Using picture-by-picture mode, the signals from two computers are displayed on one monitor. It’s your choice which signal is displayed where.

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Perfect image quality

EIZO goes out of its way to bring you the best image quality. Their engineers are working day in, day out to come up with new monitor solutions that improve on existing technologies. EIZO uses high end materials and has high quality standards, which is why it produces its own circuit boards and image processors.

These monitors flicker less and have a better colour temperature, making them easier on the eyes. It’s time to think about an ergonomic working environment. The Auto EcoView function for example makes sure that the brightness of the monitor is perfectly matched to the ambient lighting, which is good for the eyes but also for the environment thanks to energy savings of up to 50 per cent. The colours on screen are adjusted to suit the application in use, making a Word document look like real paper.


All EIZO products are developed sustainably—from production to operation to recycling. Hence, all monitors are equipped with intelligent energy-saving functions. Their long life span helps save natural resources.

FlexScan EV monitors use 50% recycled plastic for the housing, 100% recycled material for the packaging and save up to 30% of energy thanks to the automatic reduction of the backlight on all models.

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We offer the following EIZO solutions

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