Veilig werken in Office 365

Work securely with Office 365

Why a backup strategy is so important

A growing number of companies are using Microsoft cloud services, and your company probably does, too. The most well-known of these is Microsoft Office 365 that also transfers e-mails (Exchange Online) and files (SharePoint Online) into the cloud.

Although Office 365 is a secure platform, it still has its fair share of risks, making backups essential.

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There are several scenarios where things could go wrong when your employees are working with Office 365. Here are some examples:

  • Users can inadvertently delete important data;
  • Retain records e.g. for the tax office, internal or contractual obligations;
  • Safeguard against cyber criminality and ransomware;
  • Files can become corrupt;
  • Careless handling (e.g. deletion) of data and mailboxes by (departing) employees.

Why another backup?

Microsoft itself secures data by saving a copy in another geographical location. In this way, data is still available, even if a data centre goes offline, but this is only a minimalist form of data backup.

There are countless scenarios, named above, in which something can go wrong. The simple Office 365 Backup is often insufficient in terms of compliance requirements. As Office 365 Backup has been designed for disaster recovery purposes, an environment can only be completely recovered i.e. the recovery of individual mailboxes or an e-mail (brick level restore) is not possible. This is possible however with a good backup service.

With the advent of remote work, backups are more important than ever before.

Never before have so many employees been working from home. This is why it’s important to protect your corporate data well. Almost all communication (documents, notes, conversations) take place online. It’s also important that your employees not only save their files locally but on a backup too. Here at Bechtle, we offer different backup solutions to save your data.


Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365

Veeam has been the market leader in data security and recovery for years and offers your company simple and efficient solutions for the backup and recovery of your Office 365 data including:

  • Exchange (on-site and online)
  • SharePoint (on-site and online)
  • OneDrive for Business;
  • Teams.


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