IT Security

Prepare for modern threats


How well is your organisation really protected against threats? The number of cyber-attacks is constantly increasing - it is predicted that by 2025, 75% of organisations will be victims of a ransomware attack. The impact of IT infrastructures on the success of organisations is therefore increasing, while IT is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Hybrid infrastructures are becoming - and have become in most organisations - the norm. With colleagues working flexibly and the number of threats increasing, how do you ensure your IT infrastructure remains secure?

At Bechtle we believe in a total approach when it comes to security: 360° security. It comes down to a holistic approach that includes people, technologies and processes. For example, not only do your security solutions need to be good, but it's also important that employees are regularly trained on potential threats. At Bechtle we have therefore developed the IT security ladder. The higher you are on the ladder, the more secure your organisation is.

The benefits of our holistic approach at a glance:

Increased IT security.

All security-critical measures are in tune with each other
and inextricably linked for maximum protection. 

Internal resources are freed up.

Harmonised measures simplify everyday work.
The aim: more time for every day business.

Easier to manage.

Communicating with Bechtle instead of different vendors.

People, processes and technologies
are unified.

High quality security measures enable secure working
and access from any location.

Quick reactions.

React without delay to unusual activities in your network
with our Managed Services.

Goodbye hodgepodge.

Standalone solutions aren’t often designed to work together and can therefore become potential gateways for attackers. We uncover your network’s vulnerabilities.


Why choose security via Bechtle?

As you could already read, we like to help you with setting up your complete security strategy. We can help you with all steps on the IT-security ladder, or with a specific solution if you already have your security in order. We can deploy various scans and inventory tools to gain insight into your IT infrastructure and always offer brand-independent advice. Would you like to know more about our approach and the solutions we have to offer to optimally secure your organisation? Then download our whitepaper.


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The benefits of our holistic approach at a glance: