Efficient device management with

Apple Device Management


The number of devices in organisations has rapidly increased in recent years. Although this increases employee productivity, it also raises the workload of your IT department. The management and configuration of all these devices results in a lot of extra time-consuming work. It can be difficult to maintain an overview when it comes to device management.

You have purchased new Apple devices for your colleagues. But what to do next? How do you make sure you can manage devices without too much hassle and install apps with just one push on a button? You don't want to lose time and money by manually preparing all devices anymore. At Bechtle, we offer two solutions that can support your IT department in Apple device management: Apple Business Manager and Jamf (MDM solution).

Efficient Device Management allows your organisation to manage and maintain devices remotely. Think of virtual machines, physical computers, mobile devices and IoT devices. Device Management should be an essential part of every organisation's security strategy. It ensures that your employees' devices are secure, up-to-date and compliant with your organisation's policies. The goal? Protecting your corporate network from unauthorised access and relieving your IT department of repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

The benefits of Apple Device Managment
Choosing Apple Device Management will bring many benefits to your organisation:


  • Quickly configure devices, for example a range of network and security settings
  • Automatically assign essential applications and licenses via cloud-based solutions
  • Manage devices through a single toolset, including the ability to deploy and update software, enforce your organisational policies and configure settings
  • Manage virtual and physical devices, including remote management
  • Maintain a network of devices with common operating systems, such as macOS and iOS/iPadOS
  • Automated policy management and deployment for apps, among others
  • Optimise device features for business use
  • One place to manage all your devices, including the ability to manage devices via a central console 
    - sensitive data being secured
    - new passwords being required
    - devices that can be remotely locked and wiped


Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager is a web-based portal that helps you deploy iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. And you can easily provide employees with access to Apple services, set up device enrollment, and distribute apps, books, and software — all from one place.



Jamf MDM

Jamf’s Apple Enterprise Management platform is the only solution of scale that automates the entire lifecycle of Apple in the enterprise, including device deployment, management and security, while optimizing the Apple user experience and eliminating the need for IT personnel to touch the device.