Interview – Bechtle’s Kees Janssen on the partnership with Apple

We have been an Apple Authorised Reseller since this year. Kees Janssen, Bechtle Team Lead Government and bona fide Apple ambassador, explains why Apple and Bechtle are a match made in heaven. “Apple is the perfect fit for us and the long-term relationships we are aiming to build with our customers,. After all, an Apple product is an investment that pays out in the long-run. Plus Apple Business Manager enhances IT department management capabilities.”

We became an Apple partner this year. You must be delighted!

“Absolutely. As a solutions seller, our aim is to be more solution-oriented than product-oriented and being an Apple Authorised Reseller is a part of that. We are now in a position to be able to offer our customers both an expansive portfolio and related expertise in terms of the devices, operating systems and how they integrate with other systems and Apple Business Manager. Our Bechtle direct Netherlands employees are well-qualified and and we can also fall back on the expert knowledge of our colleagues and consultants.”


Bechtle sets great store in long-term partnerships and future-proof IT. How does Apple fit in to that?

“Apple products are sustainable and durable and tend to be a good investment for customers thanks to their high residual value. If you want to offer your staff a new device after three years, for example, you can return the old one or use it for other purposes. Companies will soon be able to purchase Apple products as part of our Device as a Service offering. Apple also considers its environmental impact, thinking about how its products affect the world we live in and working to keep any impact to a minimum—a topic that is also very dear to Bechtle’s heart.


Why do your customers choose Apple?

“The customers my team works closely with leverage the Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) concept. This means the employees are given a budget they can use to purchase a device and they often go for Apple quality. This kind of concept is increasingly decisive especially for younger staff, who recognise the importance of IT and thus are drawn to Apple products. Another point to consider is that businesses use iPhones as standards making it practical for employees to also use MacBooks as everything is automatically synchronised. This means you can start an e-mail on your iPhone and then finish it on a MacBook with Handoff.”

The issue of data protection is another area on which Apple has worked hard in recent years, with the company constantly working on steps to protect and secure corporate and personal data on both a hardware and software level. Apple also stands out from the crowd by developing its own hardware and software.”


For which customers are MacBooks the best choice?

“There’s an Apple device to support each target group. The MacBook Air is lightweight and has a long battery life, but all Apple products are characterised by their elegant design. Then there’s the fact that the lives of IT departments are made considerably easier. Thanks to Apple Business Manager (formerly Device Enrolment Program (DEP), it’s easy as pie to connect MacBooks with your MDM and UEM platforms, enforce policies, make the most of remote settings, and so much more.”

What is Apple Business Manager?

Apple Business Manager is a web-based portal that enables IT admins to deploy iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, Apple TV and Macs from one central location. It works seamlessly with your Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution and allows you to effortlessly automate device deployment, purchase apps, share content and create Managed Apple IDs for your staff.

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Kees Janssen

Government Team Leader

T +31 40 250 9095

Kees Janssen

Government Team Leader

T +31 40 250 9095