Microsoft Azure.

Make your business flexible with cloud computing.

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform and is an ever-growing collection of cloud services. Want to learn more about Azure from Bechtle? We offer professional advice and are happy to share our experiences with you. Microsoft Azure is available from the Bechtle software portal, Bechtle Clouds. 


What is Microsoft Azure?

With the ever-growing cloud service bundle, Microsoft Azure, you have the opportunity to develop, manage and implement your preferred tools and software applications. We at Bechtle offer Azure as various contract models: 

  • Monthly (Cloud Solution Provider – CSP) 
  • Every three years (Enterprise Agreement – EA) 

During activation, you’ll be taken through an onboarding process to help you get to grips with the platform. 

Pay for exactly what you use, and scale services to meet your needs. Alongside purely virtual machines with over 600 services, Azure offers dedicated resources that can tackle tasks faster, more affordably, more efficiently and more securely. As an SME, the cloud gives you all the same opportunities available to large enterprises. 

Bechtle is by your side on your way to the cloud, offering advice on the selection and implementation of the Azure resources that meet your specific needs, debunking myths surrounding the perceived loss of control with cloud computing, and showing you how you can make your Azure environment more secure than your current on-prem one. 

Interested in the opportunities available to your business?

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Cloud Consultant
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Our Azure vision.

Azure is modern and future-proof and the innovative cloud platform is the perfect choice for modern businesses. It’s also scalable and flexible so you only pay for what you use. 

What’s more, Azure is secure and reliable. Not only can you be sure your data are safe in Microsoft data centres, but you can also select a hybrid model, which allows you to select from existing solutions or connect your environment. 

Benefits of Microsoft Azure. 



Leverage Azure to easily bolster your security without a lot of spend so you can quickly identify and block threats. 

Cost efficiency.

Pay for exactly what you use with Azure’s pay-as-you-go models, reducing up-front investments. 


Automatically scale workloads to Azure according to your requirements and react flexibly to changes in your business and on the market. 

Global cloud provider.

Microsoft delivers services from more regions than any other cloud provider. You benefit from advice and access to as-a-service technology. 

Reliable cloud service.

Organisations around the world value Microsoft Azure’s most trusted cloud service for enterprise and hybrid infrastructures including 95% of all Fortune 500 companies.  

Individual hybrid solutions.

Azure enables the seamless operation of hybrid solutions that are perfectly tailored to your business.

Bechtle and Microsoft collaboration.

Bechtle and Microsoft can look back on a long successful partnership. Together, we develop solutions that make the difference. 

Bechtle has 14 Microsoft Gold Partner statuses across all areas, with all system houses providing Azure products to some 80,000 customers. Bechtle has trained more than 600 consultants and sales specialists in Azure and Microsoft 365 to date, and earned more than 1,700 Microsoft certifications. 

As an Azure Expert MSP, Bechtle is one of Microsoft’s strongest global partners in the implementation of digital transformation projects of the companies’ mutual customers. To achieve the status of Azure Expert MSP, businesses must not only be a Gold Cloud platform partner and take part in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme, but also undergo an independent audit to confirm technical and organisation skills as well as demonstrate successfully implemented and operated customer environments. Bechtle offers a dedicated portfolio of Professional and Managed Services that spans the entire lifecycle of cloud services running on the Azure platform. 

Azure Migration and Modernization Program.

As a Bechtle customer you can participate in Microsoft's Azure Migration and Modernisation Program (AMMP). You will receive step-by-step guidance from Azure experts and thus limit the risks and common pitfalls associated with migrating workloads to the cloud.

Bechtle Azure Operations.

Bechtle Azure Operations save you time, money and resources. Focus on strategic topics and projects with the efficiency of your cloud applications behind you.   

Azure Virtual Desktop.

Bechtle’s Azure Virtual Desktop solutions are based on the latest Microsoft technologies and offer unparalleled scalability and user experience.

Azure Virtual Desktop Package.

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) can help you bring your company's IT infrastructure up to scratch - with state-of-the-art Window 10/11 combined with the dynamic scalability of the Microsoft Cloud, providing an unmatched, cost efficient pricing model.

Getting started.

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Microsoft Azure is available through our software portal, the Bechtle Clouds Marketplace, where you can also manage all your licences.

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