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Microsoft 365

With Office 365, employees can use Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook from the cloud. This system allows them to access their data from any location or device at any time – making meetings smarter and facilitating communication and co-operation.


Office 365 offers the benefit of a range of flexible licences. Office 365 subscriptions and user rights are ‘user-bound’ rather than being traditionally ‘device-bound’. This means that a user can utilise their licence on multiple devices. Microsoft offers Office 365 in a range of packages, providing a customised solution for every organisation. As a customer, you can determine what you want and what you need for maximum flexibility.


As a long-term partner of Microsoft, we are uniquely placed to work with you to identify the licence structure and subscription types that are most aligned with the ICT strategy of your organisation. Office 365 is a cloud product. As an added benefit, these licences also come with local user rights. 

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