Panasonic – professional equipment for business heroes.

Stuck with a drained or defective battery that can’t be replaced. Unable to read the screen in sunlight. Waiting endlessly for data to transfer on the go. Stunned at the loss of critical data due to lacking shock and vibration resistance. Unable to start devices in hot or freezing temperatures. Struggling to input data in rain or snow...


Your road warriors have been there, and many other painful places that harm their tech and disrupt productivity. But downtime through repairs, a gap in your device pool, or unreachable employees are just part of the problem. Inadequate technology will eventually take its toll on your ability to close deals, motivate staff, and, ultimately, satisfy your customers.



Built for uncompromising reliability.

For your employees to live up to their challenges and give their all every day, they require the right tools for the job, as well as technology they can rely on.


What makes business-grade reliability?

Consumer electronics are not designed to survive intensive 24/7 operation or use in rough environments. Quite simply, they aren't built for business. Truly resilient and reliable hardware must be more than just cutting-edge technology in a sturdy shell. It must be designed from the ground up to be durable, with business very much in mind. In a nutshell, it must be TOUGH. Enter the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK and TOUGHPAD.

Durability that pays.

It’s true that, unlike run-of-the-mill consumer electronics, a truly rugged device comes with what may, at first glance, seem like a hefty price tag. What really matters, however, is the total cost of ownership (TCO). Indeed, according to research by Panasonic Business and analyst IDC, equipping your mobile workforce with robust, durable notebooks, tablets and handheld computers can cut your bottom line by as much as 15 %.


Significant cost-saving potential lies, among other things, in reduced failure rates, fewer repairs and increased employee availability achieved through the use of durable devices with tailored productivity features such as the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK and TOUGHPAD models.

Market leader with a broad range of multi-purpose tools.

Panasonic offers a range of products that come in three different levels of ruggedness for different work environments:

  • „Fully ruggedised” for 24/7 operation and use in extreme outdoor conditions
  • „Semi ruggedised” for strong durability in less demanding environments
  • „Business ruggedised” for office use and frequent travellers

Select models are ATEX-certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, DNV GL-certified for offshore use, or KWF-tested for use by forestry workers.


Fully ruggedised notebooks, detachables, tablets and handhelds will weather any storm and withstand heavy vibration, e.g. on forklifts or vans. They are ready for round-the-clock operation, keeping you up and running, whatever the circumstances. A range of truly multi-purpose devices, they offer versatile configuration options, long-life and user-replaceable batteries, as well as sunlight-readable touchscreens, optimising the work environments of countless customers the world over. They enable employees to receive assignments, navigate to job sites, support maintenance work, scan barcodes for logistics applications, and empower the mobile sales force complete with digital customer signatures.