Easily personalised meetings - for every target group

Teams Premium makes it easier to accurately plan meetings. Whether this involves one-to-one consultations or large meetings, virtual appointments or webinars. Teams Premium also makes it possible to guarantee your organisation's brand identity and corporate culture in every interaction. This allows you to standardise organisational backgrounds and organisational "together mode" scenes in interactions according to logical and simple parameters in no time. This way, you avoid unwanted and outdated visuals effortlessly.

Work smart thanks to AI integrations

Use AI to make your meetings 'smart', even if you can't be there live. A brief overview of these and other AI tools that Teams Premium makes available: - Live translations: Subtitles during meetings to remove language barriers in 40 different languages.

  • Intelligent summaries: In addition to automatic notes, you get a "to the point" summary delivered tailored to you each individual contributor. Moreover, Teams Premium analyses each meeting and automatically divides it into logical chapters, so you can quickly jump to what is most interesting and relevant to you.
  • Personalised insights and actions: Thanks to a personal timeline, identification of who shared certain information and the insights of how people work together, you also get a quick to-do list to efficiently plan and execute the necessary follow-up actions.
  • Save a lot of time and don't lose track of anything thanks to these modern hopping tools!
Protect confidential information

Teams Premium applies advanced meeting security where needed, ranging from watermarking to prevent data leaks along control over who can record a meeting to end-to-end meeting encryption. Integration with Microsoft Purview also makes it easy to prevent copying and pasting of sensitive data thanks to sensitivity labels.

Make virtual meetings innovative and personal

Since recently, external parties can join any consultation without having to download the Teams app. Teams Premium adds many more ingenious features, such as SMS reminders, a personalised waiting room in line with your corporate identity and branding, a central dashboard to make the customer experience seamless and analyse a multitude of meeting data. So you have all schedules, queues and analyses to obtain important usage insights at a glance, such as no-shows and waiting time information per appointment. In addition, customers can share feedback on the interaction after each appointment, allowing you to maximise satisfaction.

Organise advanced webinars flawlessly

Webinar workflows can require quite a bit of management. Teams Premium eases this by allowing registrations for webinars only within a certain time period, registration waiting lists and enabling manual approval, among other things. And yes, automatic reminders for your webinar are also enabled by Teams Premium, all neatly branded with your header and logo. Presenters and organisers have also been thought of: this allows them to coordinate and test things behind the scenes in the virtual "green room", without disturbing participants. Do you want to maximise the attention of participants by highlighting certain elements or deliberately not showing them? You can now do that too with the built-in control options that allow you to intervene live during the webinar.

*Only for users with an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscription that includes Teams.


Do you still have questions about Microsoft Teams Premium or would like more information? Then contact our Microsoft consultants at microsoft.direct-be@bechtle.com and they will be happy to help you!