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Bechtle IT System House Neckarsulm

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Bechtle IT System House Neckarsulm

Oliver Hambrecht
  • Founded in: 1983
  • Vocational training provided for: IT systems integration specialist, IT applications development specialist, IT systems management assistant; support for students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in business information systems or Bachelor of Arts Business Administration - Service Sector Management - Consulting & Services
  • Competence Centre: data protection & security, business collaboration, mobile solutions, Bechtle Internet Security & Services (BISS), project and service management
  • Training centre
Bechtle IT System House Neckarsulm

Bechtle Platz 1

74172 Neckarsulm

Telefoon: +49 7132 981-20

Fax: +49 7132 981-2100




  • Data protection and security:
    professional consulting and support services to help you meet legal IT requirements
  • Bechtle Internet Security (BISS):
    our team of specialists for comprehensive IT security
  • Business collaboration:
    professional application solutions to support and optimise your business processes
  • Client and repair services:
    rollouts, IMAC services and IT device support


  • IT systems engineering:
    design and implementation of server and storage projects
  • Mobile solutions:
    secure, complete solutions for all aspects of mobile computing and content provisioning
  • Project and service management:
    consulting, design and support for IT operation and IT projects

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