Bechtle Multi-Cloud – More than just one solution.

There are many cloud solutions out there. Private clouds, public clouds, business clouds and hybrid clouds. And that doesn’t include all the cloud services that companies can procure on demand. But which is the best cloud solution for your company?


Why only one solution?

Several cloud solutions can optimally cover all use cases in your organisation.

As a multi-cloud provider, Bechtle is in a position to offer its customers a wide range of multi-cloud strategies—all from a single source:

  • Simultaneous use of several cloud services and platforms
  • Maximum service flexibility
  • High availability and reliability
  • The best solution at the best price
  • Best business continuity
  • No vendor lock-ins
  • Specific cloud solutions for DevOps teams and container solutions

A multi-cloud solution does, however, bring with it several challenges such as more work in the area of compliance Moreover, all cloud solutions have to approved and controlled by a central IT administrator Otherwise, the result could be uncontrollable shadow IT which poses a huge security risk. That’s why Bechtle will take on the management of multi-cloud solutions using special multi-cloud platforms that control and monitor all cloud solutions at the same time.

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All-round support from Bechtle.

As a multi-cloud service provider, Bechtle offers individual cloud solutions for companies. All services are provided from highly-secure Swiss data centres.

Bechtle Cloud solutions can be requested and cancelled on according to current needs. We count renowned vendors such as Microsoft, AWS, BeST 360° and of course our own Bechtle Cloud as our cloud providers.

With 47 Competence Centres in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we offer companies sound expert knowledge for their IT projects.

Questions about multi-clouds or want to learn more about our services? Just get in touch. We’re happy to help.

Find out more about the diverse cloud solutions we offer.

Bechtle Cloud.

IT maintenance and support can cost a lot of time. Cloud services help you focus on your business once again. 

Microsoft Azure.

Being able to procure cloud services on demand is a huge advantage for companies. Thanks to Microsoft Azure, it’s never been easier. We’re happy to help.

Microsoft Office 365.

Applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint are well-known and well-used by users But Office 365 offers many other innovative services to facilitate collaboration.

Cloud Consulting.

Implementing a new cloud solution must be done in a way that does not disrupt business. Trust Bechtle to keep your business running.

Managed Services.

Managing your own IT services can tie up valuable resources and slow down your business. We’ll take care of it for you so you can grow your business and boost innovation.