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Corporate IT entails far reaching decisions that permeate the entire organisation. However, complex situations don’t mean there can’t be clear-cut solutions. On the contrary, a precise analysis, crystal-clear visualisation and future-oriented implementation – all tailored to the customers’ individual business models – go a long way in taking complexity out of the process. That’s why our consultants tackle your project from all sides – technology, financing, and contractual design.

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IT and related services are often seen as a mere commodity. An interchangeable means to an end. Users rightfully expect IT to “just work”. However, companies often think inside the technology box when it comes to managing it. Our 360° approach takes the lid off the box and allows us to examine your IT from all sides. 


360° Financial Design is all about aligning IT deployments with your individual business model. Whether your IT is a value driver or a necessary expense, it all comes down to your bottom line. That’s why we not only take into account internal cost allocations, but also national and international accounting principles.


360° Contractual Design seamlessly blends technology and finance to effectively streamline the paperwork of your IT projects. Everything is condensed into one contract with a single price tag. Your benefits? You get all the hardware, software, services, warranties and insurance you need—without the need to juggle a multitude of contracts. 
Our contract management takes care of 

  • flexible terms regarding timelines and contract volumes;
  • VAT, import taxes and customs regulations in a national and international context;
  • legal, supervisory and regulatory requirements and restrictions for your company.

We build the bridge between technology, finance, and contractual design to enable a 360° view of all your IT assets, drawing on our many years of experience as a trusted business partner for all things IT. That’s 360° portfolio management by Bechtle.


Precise analysis, crystal-clear visualisation and a future-oriented implementation tailored to your business model.


Successful IT projects not only require a technically meaningful solution, but also a detailed commercial design.


The big picture – one frame. Every IT project needs financing. So we paint it in from the get go.