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The AXIS F Series is based on a modular concept with high flexibility, where the camera is split into a sensor unit made up of a lens and image sensor with a cable and a main unit, which is the body of a camera.

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The AXIS P13 network camera series features light sensitive models delivering up to 4K resolution. The cameras are available in both indoor and outdoor versions, suitable for a wide range of video surveillance applications.

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AXIS Q60 PTZ dome network cameras are designed for the most demanding video surveillance applications. With powerful zoom and precision pan/tilt/zoom capabilities, they enable exceptional coverage of large areas and great detail when zooming in.

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AXIS M11 Network Camera Series offers professional and cost-effective fixed cameras suitable for a wide range of video surveillance applications, such as for retail and banking as well as hotels and other office buildings.

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The AXIS Q17 Series consists of robust day and night HDTV network cameras. They are designed to meet the increasing demands for professional surveillance for areas high-quality identification and reliability is needed.

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The AXIS P32 series features vandal-resistant domes for indoor and outdoor installation. They meet both the quality and cost demands of the market, while at the same time being easy to use and operate.

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AXIS M50 Series network cameras offer PTZ functionality, a horizontal field of vision of 71°, a 5x optical zoom and auto focus. Axis' Zipstream technology reduces the need for memory and bandwidth by up to 50%.

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The AXIS M30 series is a sleek, smart and affordably priced fixed mini dome cameras. They're easy to install and ideally suited for retail, hotels, schools, banks and offices with tight budgets for video surveillance.

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The AXIS Q16 Series includes indoor and outdoor fixed network cameras that deliver excellent video image quality even under difficult conditions such as complex lighting, backlighting and low light.

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The Cisco Meraki MV series surveillance cameras impress with their extremely simple set-up and uncomplicated configuration.

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AXIS Network Door Stations combine communications, video surveillance and remote access control in one device. They provide reliable 24/7 identification making them a convenient complement to your surveillance installation.

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The affordable AXIS P12 network camera series enable high resolution and discreet surveillance both inside and out. The design allows the cameras to easily blend in with the environment.

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AXIS FA modular camera series consists of sensor units and additionally required main unit and supports Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), Zipstream and local storage. The total cost of operation make the system a particularly affordable alternative.

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AXIS P14 network cameras are compact and outdoor-ready bullet cameras. The cameras are ideal for 24/7 video surveillance, in exposed outdoor areas such as car parks and service stations.

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The Axis M31 series impresses with its small dome cameras with integrated IR at a competitive price. The new design with flat front causes less reflection ensuring optimum pictures.

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Meraki MX devices offer comprehensive features such as a next-generation firewall, content filtering, intrusion detection, WAN optimisation and link bonding/failover in a single appliance.

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AXIS Companion IP cameras are ideal for video surveillance in small companies. You get cost-effective cameras for the most common surveillance scenarios and user-friendly video management software.

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The Q61 PTZ Series features Axis Sharpdome technology. It provides full scene fidelity and perfect image quality in all directions - above as well as below the horizon. This makes the series uniquely suitable for even slightly uneven terrain.

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The P33 Series is a line-up of fixed domes designed for efficient installation with the latest Axis technology like WDR - Forensic Capture, Axis Lightfinder and Axis Zipstream.

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The optimal solution to physically secure your IT infrastructure in compliance with ISO 27001 and BSI IT-Grundschutz standards.

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Special protection for business correspondence.

Email traffic is growing steadily, with over 70 billion emails sent in Switzerland over the past year. Many of these messages contain sensitive information that could be intercepted by one of several malicious methods. Powerful e-mail security is vital for ensuring that e-mails are read only by their senders and recipients. It also protects users from spam, malware and phishing scams. In a nutshell, e-mail security monitors incoming and outgoing traffic, filtering out unwanted messages. And the right VPN security will also protect connections to branch locations.


Firewalls to guard against intrusion.

Firewalls are among the many security solutions available to keep your corporate network safe from unauthorised access. By also protecting the network from malware, which could block access to your own data and systems, it ensures business continuity. But intrusion attempts can also occur through non-digital means. In this case, it may be prudent to install a network camera to keep an eye on your business premises. This requires not only a camera, but also high-performance video-management software.


Content security for safe surfing.

Content security verifies web applications to determine whether they are safe, preventing harmful data from sneaking into your network through a malicious website. Although this is an effective way to avoid outside attacks, a secure network requires more. At, we offer a panoply of security products, so you can build a secure network that needs your exact needs. Use our helpful filter options to find the right hardware and software. Corresponding security accessories such as licences are also available.

Bechtle direct Network & Security Specialists.

Your network is your interface with the world. Guard against unauthorised access.


Let’s talk networks. Your network digitally links a growing range of endpoints and is therefore vital to your business. You need a simple solution that provides you with a clear overview and lets you solve problems quickly, wherever you are. And safety and security is another central topic—not just in terms of cybercrime, but also when it comes to technology that uses redundant solutions and UPS backup.

Once upon a time, a power cut simply meant that your computer would stop working. Nowadays this also affects IP phones, ID badges, time tracking systems, printers, production units, surveillance cameras and many other devices. Network failures bring production to a grinding halt, and entail loss of working hours and health and safety risks—in short, each minute out of action is more money wasted

With the right devices, however, that provide additional protection through redundancy, and support agreements with quick response times, you and your IT will be able to keep outages to a minimum, or even avoid them altogether. As your top partner for leading manufacturers, we offer these solutions tailored to your needs.



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