Staging and rollout services.

The central, secured, and video-monitored Bechtle staging centre in Rotkreuz, Switzerland, lets companies perform PC and notebook installation before they’re delivered. Services such as DOA tests, BIOS settings, hardware installation or modification and software preloading via software deployment(stick imaging, SCCM solution, Matrix42 etc.) are covered.

This means you get fully tested and preconfigured equipment shipped to your doorstep, all customised to meet the needs of your organisation. All you need to do is plug it in and you’re ready to go.

Our PC and notebook services include:

  • Unboxing and reboxing equipment
  • DOA testing, 24h stress testing
  • Installation of components (RAM, storage, slot-in cards, keyboards, etc.)
  • Devices labelled according to customer requirements
  • Collecting asset data (such as manufacturer, model, type, UUID, BIOS version, RAM, HDD, MAC address)
  • Installation of defined OS
  • Updating the OS (Windows/driver updates)
  • Software installation according to customer specifications
  • BIOS configuration to customer specifications
  • Devices packed in original packaging or eco-friendly Bechtle box
  • Dispatch note


Software preloads (image based)

  • Deployment of your custom software image via our installation server
  • Deployment of your image via USB sticks
  • Post-preload testing of the installation
  • Checklists

Software preloads (deployment system)

  • Integration of customer installations into our network (deployment server and firewall)
  • Setup of devices for preloading via the deployment system
  • Automatic preloading via deployment system
  • Post-preload testing of the installation
  • Checklists
Rollouts led our own trained and renowned employees and teams primed and led in a target-oriented way.
The rollout methodology will be discussed thoroughly with the client in order for as few interruptions to employee productivity as possible.
Services range from simple exchange to personalisation and handover of data and peripherals.

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Transition, rollout and service design.


We Install, Move, Add, Change, Remove and Dispose – the entire hardware lifecycle taken care of.


Keeping your Workplace running smoothly can be taxing – both for your business and your IT staff. Bechtle’s Workplace services take the ifs and buts out of your IT landscape and free up your resources to fuel your core business. 


We at Bechtle know that in today’s business world, every minute is a valuable resource and technology is the most important factor for corporate success.