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Virtual collaboration and online meetings have become a daily routine, as hybrid and remote working are now the cornerstone of every modern workplace. With colleagues and customers no longer being able to see each other, efforts must be made to retain that personal touch. This requires communication to feel authentic and take place in real-time. The technology used must therefore work well together and be easily understood by all users.

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What’s the point of expensive devices if they don’t work with each other? You’ll know which system is the best by the fact that your employees enjoy using it. A conference room solution that is both coherent and user-friendly can be easily integrated into daily business life and can deliver the productivity boost you desire.

Modern Meeting & Conferencing

When it comes to the display, focus on image quality. A lot of devices come with touch screens. A bright display with a large viewing angle is perfect for meetings in light rooms.




Good sound can only be achieved when the technology is up to scratch. Look for active noise-cancellation and a simple way to adjust volume.


A powerful PC is essential. Nobody likes having to wait a lifetime before the connection is up and running. Make sure the PC has all the right ports!


A good collaboration platform is the foundation of a creative space and enables employees to work together—whenever they like, wherever they are.


A meeting characterised by videos that constantly freeze is exhausting for all involved. Make sure, therefore, you have an excellent network connection. 




User experience

When it comes down to it, your team will only accept the solution if they know it provides them with a good user experience. A stable connection and ease-of-use can work wonders.


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Huddle room (1 to 4)
Medium meeting room (4 to 8)
Large conferencing room (9 to 20)
Hall / auditorium (>20)
Huddle room (1 to 4)

Huddle room (1 to 4).   

  • Used as a meeting spots for casual conversations with colleagues and customers or to work on tasks alone
  • Collaboration and co-creation with a team
  • Cut out of annoying background noise
  • Comfortable means of work in a modern, mobile environment.
Huddle Room
Medium meeting room (4 to 8)

Medium meeting room (4 to 8).

  • Used for scheduled meetings with colleagues and customers to promote knowledge exchange and project planning
  • Good visibility and sound quality for all participants
  • Smooth integration of participants via video call
  • Touch monitors for productive collaboration simplify working in a team.
Medium Meeting
Large conferencing room (9 to 20)

Large conferencing room (9 to 20).

  • Rooms for conferences and workshops with the option to invite external participants
  • Good visibility and audio quality for all participants in a large room
  • Present content without hindrance.

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Large Conferencing Room
Hall / auditorium (>20)

Hall / auditorium (>20).

  • Rooms for lectures, presentations or keynotes with a focus on the appropriate noise cancellation
  • A focus on excellent video quality for all participants
  • Multiple cameras in different positions to capture all speakers.

Designed to meet your needs.

Using the latest devices may be critical for any modern workplace, but it takes more to provide for the optimal meeting experience. Alongside video and audio devices that integrate with each other, it’s crucial to select the perfect collaboration platform. Our experts will support you in this pursuit, and help you find the perfect hardware and software solution that meets your needs.


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Definition of your individual needs and focal points.

Vendor-neutral consulting and evaluation of different solutions.

Personalised live experience thanks to modern meeting solutions – Collaboration platforms, end devices and room concepts.

Discussions with our specialists and creation of your individual roadmap for better collaboration.

Next steps: Proof of Concept. Additional workshops customised to meet your specific needs.

Room management solutions.

The room management solution by ROOMZ helps you maximise the use of your available room capacities. Consisting of an easy-to-deploy display and sensor, it’ll instantly lead to a more efficient use of your meeting rooms.
The display provides up-to-date information where and when it is needed, and the sensor automatically detects if a room has been booked but is unused, making it available to others. This avoids ghost meetings and helps you gain valuable insights into effective room usage.


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