Assessment, design and procurement.

Transition, rollout and service design.

So you have opted for a workplace solution and picked all the software and licences you need. Now you need to introduce your new technology and software without disrupting business. That’s why we’re here to help you plan the transition, rollout and service design. Thanks to our standardised management and QA framework built on ITIL and PRINCE2, our project, transition and service managers have the best tools at their disposal to turn your project into a success story.


      Preparation is the key.

      During the transition phase, we set the stage for a smooth shift to your new workplace solution. Before we can begin rollout, some preparations may be necessary in your data centre. To find out, we will help you assess your server landscape, analyse data, and optimise your IT infrastructure.

      • Trained, experienced, and certified solution architects who understand you thoroughly advise you
      • Your architecture analysed and the investment you desire for duration of your operation ensured
      • Products used are integrated into a proof-of-concept and thoroughly tested
      • Bechtle’s market size means it enjoys excellent relationships with all major vendors in Switzerland and around the world
      • Bechtle has the financial clout and market influence to translate orders into virtually guaranteed delivery reliability of supply in next to no time
      • Bechtle has enough of their own secured storage capacities to deal with rollouts of all sizes
      Learn more about our Workplace services.

      The central, secured, and video-monitored Bechtle staging centre in Rotkreuz, Switzerland, lets companies perform PC and notebook installation before they’re delivered. 


      We Install, Move, Add, Change, Remove and Dispose – the entire hardware lifecycle taken care of.


      Keeping your Workplace running smoothly can be taxing – both for your business and your IT staff. Bechtle’s Workplace services take the ifs and buts out of your IT landscape and free up your resources to fuel your core business. 


      We at Bechtle know that in today’s business world, every minute is a valuable resource and technology is the most important factor for corporate success.