The Modern Workplace – A new way of getting things done.

Digitalisation is making inroads at a breathtaking pace. Workplace mobility, automation, digital assistants, business intelligence, the internet of things, cloud-driven services, virtualisation, artificial intelligence and collaboration are all the rage and are creating a tangle of challenges for organisations. At the same time, the growing popularity of the “anywhere workplace”, along with BYOD schemes that allow employees to work on their personal laptops or smartphones, is a potential weak link that can compromise the entire security chain. 

Challenges of a new business reality. 

As organisations transform to succeed in the digital age, they need to challenge not only established technologies, but also the very strategies and ideas that envelop their business. They need an IT solution that puts people and objectives front and centre in equal measure. However, the sheer number of IT makers peddling ever new technologies, infrastructures and applications makes for anything but a clear-cut road ahead. 

The answer: The Modern Workplace. 

Bechtle’s Modern Workplace solutions enable you to drive your business at full speed, increasing your flexibility and productivity while cutting down on costs and infrastructure. And best of all, it puts you right on track to your successful digital transformation.

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The 360° Workplace of the Future.

Find out how the 360° workplace of the future will have a positive impact on your attractiveness as an employer and why you should focus on modern working methods right now.

Workshop Modern Workplace.

At our workshop you will get a complete overview of the Modern Workplace and receive valuable tips to successfully plan your strategy.

Modern Workplace Services.

Modern workplaces also require professional services to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Bechtle ensures that your business makes progress. 

Device as a Service.

Why buy when you can lease? Take advantage of our DaaS offering to save real money and retain your financial flexibility. Learn more. 

Workplace Consulting.

The Modern Workplace – Any place, any time, any way. Take your business anywhere with robust endpoint security and device management.

Communication and Collaboration.

Unified Communication and Collaboration - for easy collaboration & communication at the workplace without hurdles . Optimise your processes now.

Modern Workplace benefits:

  • Unlock employee productivity and creativity 
  • Increase turnover by 14 to 70 per cent (source: Avanade/Statista) 
  • Shrink costs through automation 
  • Enjoy more flexibility with innovative cloud solutions 
  • Access all relevant business information – anywhere, any time 
  • Always use the latest software versions 


  • Get more done with modern technologies 
  • Reduce your TCO with a low-maintenance infrastructure 
  • Pay only what you really use; no costs for resources nobody needs 
  • Streamline client management thanks to virtualisation and automated software updates 
  • Accelerate workplace deployments 

Less infrastructure. Less administration. More business. 

Imagine spending less to operate your end-devices, or paying only for the resources you actually use.

IT workplaces are increasingly complex and difficult to deploy. Tap into the Modern Workplace by Bechtle to shed the hassles of your IT and benefit from modern cloud solutions. That way, you are free to reassign your in-house experts to what they do best: Level up your business. 

More collaboration. More success. 

The Modern Workplace empowers businesses and employees as it unlocks all new ways to collaborate and be productive together. Video conferencing, messaging, virtual presentations and file sharing enable teams to always be on the same page, whether they work in different rooms or different time zones. No physical boundaries can keep people from putting their heads together. 

Mobility meets security. 

Modern companies have thrown off the shackles of geographies and embrace the realities of a global market. The ability to access data and systems anywhere is critical to their mission, and so, by extension, is security. That’s why we offer innovative mobile device management solutions that securely extend your corporate network to smartphones, tablets and laptops across all operating systems.  

Reinforced cyber defences. 

With cyber-crime on the rise, companies must keep their defences up and primed against increasingly sophisticated attacks at all times. That’s why our Modern Workplace solutions come with security built right in, protecting your digital assets no matter where they reside or travel against malware, data spying and data theft. 

Ready for tomorrow. Today. 

Companies looking to benefit from Modern Workplace solutions need an experienced and future-oriented partner by their side. That’s why they put their trust in Bechtle.


From consulting to implementing to rollout to remarketing, we have your Modern Workplace covered end to end, making sure you get all the benefits and no surprises. 

What we offer.

  • We consult and strategise We design and manage your Modern Workplace solution 
  • We analyse your workplace needs 
  • We evaluate different architectures 
  • We plan and prepare implementation and rollout 
  • We ensure related services including infrastructure and client management 


  • We Install, Move, Add, Change, Remove and Dispose (IMAC/RD) 
  • We manage licences, deploy software and keep it patched 
  • We deliver security, including endpoint solutions and backups 
  • and much more … 

Best of all, with everything from deployment to operation covered, your employees are free to deliver on their prime objective: driving your business to new heights.  


A partner for the future. 

Bechtle has been successfully providing mid-size businesses and large companies with IT solutions for over 20 years. We always achieve maximum customer satisfaction. As a long-term business partner of numerous vendors, we have over 6,900 top-level certifications, including Microsoft Gold, HPE Platinum, Citrix Platinum Solution Advisor, Cisco Premier Partner and many more. 


Our 47 Competence Centres in Germany, Austria and Switzerland provide the sound expertise you need for your data centre projects, wherever you are. 


Got questions about our Modern Workplace solutions or want to learn more about our services? Just get in touch. We’re happy to help. 

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