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Modern Workplace

– Experience the workplace of the future, today.

Buy a new device and your Modern Workplace is ready to go? It’s not quite that simple – because technology is only one part of the story. Digitalisation has resulted in employees having different expectations of the way they work. Working from home, an increased desire for a better work-life balance and the use of more modern technologies are as important as flexible working and businesses are facing increasing challenges to meet these demands.


This is where modern technologies come into play. Moreover, modern collaboration tools offer many possibilities to enhance collaboration, make communication more transparent and optimise processes, but the structural prerequisites for a Digital Workplace and a future-oriented and efficient world of work must also be met. This is why you need to develop a holistic Modern Workplace concept that takes into account all requirements. Bechtle is by your side on your path to a Digital Workplace. We analyse your needs to develop a personal and tailored Modern Workplace concept and you benefit from consultation, concept development, implementation, support and managed services—all from a single source. Your Modern Workplace starts here – get in touch today.

The benefits of a Digital Workplace:

Enhanced productivity and employee satisfaction.


Better standing as an employer on the jobs market.


Faster, more modern roll-out and simple IT management.


Efficient way of working: work anywhere on any device.


Easy collaboration: globally, flexibly, in a team and across departments.


The Modern Workplace with Bechtle. Our approach.

No matter if SMEs, enterprises for the free economy or the public sector: In four steps, we’ll work with you to create your personal Digital Workplace concept.



Strategy and governance

Create a mutual understanding of the Modern Digital Workplace as part of a digitalisation strategy. We work together with you to define your requirements.



Planning and design.

We analyse your IT architecture and draft a personal solution tailored to your needs before selecting the best IT solution.



If the solutions are in place, we move on to the migration phase. We don’t want our users to notice what is going on so that they can continue to work without interruptions.


Transformation management.

We’ll help you familiarise your users and managers with the new modern technologies. This means including users from the start and is a critical factor for success. Alongside workshops and training classes, we work with company management to develop a communications strategy to cement the Modern Workplace as part of the corporate strategy.

Modern Workplace 360°: Bechtle’s holistic approach to the Digital Workplace of tomorrow.

Alongside the needs of management, IT and the infrastructure, it’s important to take into account the users’ desire for more flexibility when developing a holistic Digital Workplace concept. Only then can you truly benefit from modern Digital Workplace concepts: increased productivity, a happy workforce supported with the right applications and devices and a future-oriented IT infrastructure. Rethink IT workplaces holistically. We’ll help you with our IT solutions.


Let’s work together towards a Modern Workplace: We have consolidated the common challenges faced by the individual parts of a company and demonstrate how they can be overcome using modern approaches, so you can select the services and solutions that are right for you.

modern workplace
Correctly networked: Collaboration and Unified Communication.

How can you help your employees work and communicate more efficiently? It’s easy to get lost in the jungle of software, solutions and tools on the market today. We’ll help you develop modern concepts for collaboration and communication not forgetting the human factor. When it comes to collaboration, it’s critical that employees are included from the start.

modern workplace
Correctly equip meeting rooms.

Video conferences are becoming increasingly important, but meetings tend to kick off with some kind of issue, which costs both time and resources. By leveraging the right technologies, you can create modern meeting rooms that facilitate inter-departmental collaboration across a variety of locations. Support your teams on the path to digital transformation with intelligently equipped conference rooms.

modern workplace

The future of the Digital Workplace.

A Modern Digital Workplace doesn’t just affect IT departments and computers, but the entire company. How do you approach such a large Modern Workplace project? Each company has highly individual requirements for the workplace of the future, making a structured approach absolutely critical. With Bechtle Consulting Services, we’ll support you with our six steps to a Modern Workplace.


modern workplace
Any time, from anywhere – client and mobile management.

How many devices are in use in your company? We’ll help you develop a concept to use your mobile devices securely with Mobile Device Management and ensure your employees have the best desktop devices so they can experience modern working and choose the equipment that helps them do their job. We are well-acquainted with BYOD, COPE and CYOD. We’ll set up your Digital Workplace in accordance with your wishes.

modern workplace
Optimum security means you can relax and focus on your work.

However, digitalisation means a rethink in terms of IT security. The number of cyber-attacks won’t drop in the future as hackers are often one step ahead of businesses. It is therefore important to take a holistic approach to IT security and consider devices, data, applications and identities within the context of a cloud-based mobile IT. Modern security needs to be reliable wherever employees and data are—even if they are outside of the company.

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The 360° Workplace of the Future.

Find out how the 360° workplace of the future will have a positive impact on your attractiveness as an employer and why you should focus on modern working methods right now.

Modern meetings.
Virtual collaboration and online meetings have become a daily routine. How, though, can you keep up the team spirit when people work together at a distance? Find out here.
Communication and Collaboration
Unified Communication and Collaboration ➥ For simple collaboration & communication at the workplace without hurdles ✓ IP telephony, messenger and much more. ✓ Optimise processes now
Modern Workplace Services.

Modern workplaces also require professional services to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Bechtle ensures that your business makes progress. 

A partner for the future. 

Bechtle has been successfully providing mid-size businesses and large companies with IT solutions for over 20 years. We always achieve maximum customer satisfaction. As a long-term business partner of numerous vendors, we have over 6,900 top-level certifications, including Microsoft Gold, HPE Platinum, Citrix Platinum Solution Advisor, Cisco Premier Partner and many more. 


Our 47 Competence Centres in Germany, Austria and Switzerland provide the sound expertise you need for your data centre projects, wherever you are. 


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