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A strong Partner for the public sector.

Bechtle is one of Switzerland’s largest IT providers. For over 30 years, the green Bechtle logo has represented expertise, strength and partnership. By sticking to these ideals Bechtle became one of the largest independent IT companies in Switzerland. In both the system house and e-commerce segment, customers profit greatly from the expertise displayed by our specialists. And while we’re passionate about cutting edge topics such as digitalisation, the cloud, mobility, security and IT as a Service, we place just as much importance on traditional IT infrastructures.

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More than 35 public-service experts
in the field for you every day.

3 dedicated public-sector
units in Switzerland.

Top certifications and government conditions from
50+ manufacturers and partners.

Best practices derived from
250+ projects per year.

Some 1,800 public-sector customers.

Some 30% of Bechtle revenues
generated through the public sector.

The digital path to intelligent administration.

Digitalise your organisation—for intelligent administration.

The digital transformation presents the public sector with a number of challenges. People expect digital administrative processes, innovative digital services, and secure access to information and communication. Bechtle guides public customers through this process with workshops, structured requirement management, analyses and solution scenario modelling.

Acquire IT as a Service—and optimise your IT management.

As a sourcing model, the fixed-price PC workstation plus service bundle is here to stay. The costs are transparent and the IT services can be adapted to suit your actual needs. Our Bechtle Clouds services are 100% pay-what-you-use, and as an outsourcing partner, we can offer highly standardised managed services for everything from workstations to data centres. 

Evaluate new ideas—and collaborate to develop them.

Digitalisation in public administration is a key enabler for innovation. But despite the rich possibilities available on the market, many ideas don't have a product or service to match. If there are no services available on the market for a innovation and procurement project, Public Sector customers can enter into innovation partnership with suited companies in a dialogue process (BöB), with the goal of developing and establishing a new solution together. 

Bechtle Public IT Blueprint.

If you want to change processes, you need an overview of all business-critical systems and related interfaces. The Bechtle IT Blueprint determines how ready your organisation is in terms of digitalisation. (Video in German)

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Get an expert opinion—before competing solutions blur your needs.

Whether you want to innovate or "just buy some equipment",  before making an IT investment, you need to fully understand all the options available to you. To help you on your quest for the best solution, our IT business architects hold workshops on key topics such as the workstation of the future, hybrid cloud scenarios and electronic records. Especially when you're still brainstorming it makes sense to sandbox ideas This way, the customer will receive a valid assessment. It also helps us as service providers to understand their demands and goals better.

Centralise IT procurement—and manage assets on your own platform.

It's becoming increasingly common for public clients to form procurement associations that can acquire products and services at a reduced cost. Bechtle packages resources into neat bundles when creating quotes, while providing direct support to all members of the purchasing group, from delivering components all the way to operation services—regionally, nationally or across Switzerland.

Benefit from qualified consultation—from our IT business architects.

The road to digitalisation in public administration calls for partners that understand your business needs. Our qualified Bechtle business architects do just that. They analyse and evaluate IT for the Public Sector, consider current and future IT requirements, and guide you on your way to long-term architecture development plans.

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Critical Workloads with IBM Power Systems - by IBM and Bechtle.

IBM Power Systems for your critical business applications bring stability, security, scalability and performance. Bechtle is your reliable partner, offering you holistic IT solutions from a single source.

Bechtle Schweiz is a specialist for the Public Sector.

Different sectors have different requirements towards their IT. At Bechtle Schweiz, consultants and technicians help to adjust the right screws to meet the needs of the target group. Representatives from the following sectors can approach us for consultation:

  • The Federal Council
  • Administrations of cantons, cities and towns
  • Colleges, universities, local schools
  • Health sector, churches and NGOs
  • Associations

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