Multi-Cloud – business, public, private, or hybrid?

More and more companies are choosing to move their data and business applications to the cloud, with many opting for a combination of different services in order to match the different use cases across their organisation with the best solution for each task. That’s why Bechtle doesn’t offer one cloud service. We offer many, supporting your perfect multi-cloud strategy from a single source. Simply mix and match solutions from different providers to suit your individual needs and manage them all through Bechtle.

Why choose Bechtle as your multi-cloud service provider?

All-round support from Bechtle.

As a multi-cloud service provider, Bechtle offers individual cloud solutions for companies. All services are provided from highly-secure Swiss data centres.

Bechtle Cloud solutions can be requested and cancelled on according to current needs. We count renowned vendors such as Microsoft, AWS, BeST 360° and of course our own Bechtle Cloud as our cloud providers.

With 47 Competence Centres in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we offer companies sound expert knowledge for their IT projects.

Questions about multi-clouds or want to learn more about our services? Just get in touch. We’re happy to help.

  • Use multiple cloud services and platforms at the same time
  • Enjoy optimal flexibility to meet various needs
  • Ensure top-notch data availability
  • Stay on track with excellent system stability
  • Save money with the best solution at the best price



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