SAM Solution Advisory

SAM Solution Advisory.

Leave time-consuming licence data maintenance and quality management to our experts.

With a tested SAM solution, we support you in recording your licence data and licence contracts. For a regular audit of the investments, you will receive regular licence balances and reports from us. 

Your added value with SAM Solution Advisory.

Operation and maintenance of the SAM Solution.

Ensuring quality management.

Current licence data and reports.

Support from experts.

Regular updates.

Details of SAM Solution Advisory.

We support you in the operation and maintenance of your SAM solution. We focus on the quality management of the solution and ensure that the scope, transfer and processing of the data are correct and that the calculated results are accurate. We take care of the time-consuming maintenance of your licence agreements and licences for you, so that the SAM Solution is always up-to-date and you can use the information as a basis for your optimisations and investments. We also offer technical support for the SAM Solution and help you with updates.


Type of service: At cost / project price / service price
Duration: From 2 days
Periodicity: Ad hoc / Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly


  • Audited SAM Solution
  • Recorded licence data and licence contracts
  • Licence balance and reports
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