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Cyberattacks are receiving more and more public attention. The events of the last few years have made one thing very obvious: We live in a time where there is no 100% protection against cyberattacks. With a holistic view of threat defence, you can best secure your business assets and respond appropriately to a cyberattack. Companies find the solution in a powerful Security Operations Centre, or SOC for short. There are basically two possible approaches available to you for this purpose, and we will be happy to assist you with them as part of the Bechtle Cyber Defence Centre:

The traditional option is a security information and event management system (SIEM) that scans and normalises events on various customer systems, matches them against custom policies and current threat intelligence information.

The next-gen approach adds another level of automation and a set of forensic tools to monitor networks and operating systems and detect threats in real time. Artificial intelligence enables the platform to learn from behaviours it sees and enables it to effectively tell acceptable behaviour from potential dangerous anomalies. This allows it to instantly contain threats and keep danger away from your assets. The technologies deployed on your endpoints and across your network are managed through a Security Administration, Orchestration and Response platform (SOAR) operated by Bechtle analysts.

In order to protect your systems against internal and external threats, you have to take effective action. Choose Bechtle to sleep better at night, with expert consultation and your own Cyber Defence Centre run by our experts round-the-clock, 365 days a year. Get in touch today and protect your sensitive data against theft and sabotage.


Optimum protection.
Choose Bechtle for these benefits:

We are always on to cybercriminals with Bechtle IT forensics.

Our experts know cyber security like the back of their hand and always stay on top of the latest knowledge.

With expert consultation and your own Cyber Defence Centre run by our experts round-the-clock, 365 days a year.

Our experts’ comprehensive expertise saves your company time, effort and costs for further training, research and consulting.

Quick reactions. React without delay to unusual activities on your network with our Managed Services.

If worst comes to worst, we’ll help you weather the storm, wipe any malware off your systems and assist you in finding the culprit.

Head of Cyber Defence Centre

Niklas Keller

When it comes to cyber security, we are in a race against hackers and time. Cyberattacks have become a lucrative line of business as rapid technological development unfortunately plays into the hands of cybercriminals. Stay protected from lurking threats.




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What is the next gen approach?

Modern systems (re)act automatically. With the Cyber Defence Centre, Bechtle offers your company the opportunity to set up a powerful Security Operation Centre (SOC), even with a small number of staff. With the Next-Generation Cyber Defence Centre solution, we are taking a modern approach that, in addition to detecting potentially dangerous activities, can also automatically initiate measures to limit damage. The solution continuously checks network components, servers and end devices for anomalies and orchestrated by a superordinate entity. with the aim of constantly ensuring holistic and infrastructure-wide information security. This is achieved through a combination of cross-layer anomaly detection on network, system and endpoint components and the automated initiation of damage management measures.

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