The human factor in IT security – Security awareness training.

Modern cyber-attacks on businesses have become more frequent and sophisticated than ever – and more dangerous, too. Do your employees have an eye for fraudulent calls, forged invoices, tampered delivery notes, and even attackers impersonating senior staff? Can they tell if an e-mail or website is suspicious? And do they know how to handle a thumb drive they are given by someone else?


Your employees are a critical component in your security strategy. That’s why Bechtle offers Security Awareness Training by highly qualified experts, tailored to your business.


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Flyer Security Awareness Training


Everyone is a target.

Today, cyber criminals tap into a wealth of information streams from companies and employees to prepare their heists. After all, the web is a gateway not only to details about your customers, suppliers and organisation, but also your employees, their habits and even what they do in their free time. And there are no limits to criminal creativity when it comes to exploiting all this knowledge. They may not even be after huge nine-figure bounties and ransoms through a singular large-scale attack like the ones that make the news. All it takes is a targeted keyhole operation to infiltrate and sway everyday business processes.

Social engineering – The psychological backdoor.

Attackers like to exploit employees’ inclination to trust, respect authority or strive for excellent customer service, or indeed the joy of winning a raffle. Perfectly normal human traits make it all too easy for them to gather user names and passwords, which they can then use to enter corporate networks without leaving their prints on the door.

Raising employee awareness.

Our tailored Security Awareness Training makes your employees sensitive to potential threats and helps them detect suspicious activity so they can take appropriate measures.

Objective-driven training.

Making sure employees are aware of threats and know how to handle them is critical to ensuring a high level of data protection and IT security. They need to understand how attackers attempt to cut holes in fences and what to do when they see suspicious activity. See something, say something is how they protect your company. All the same, being aware of the threats out there must not disrupt their normal workflows or stop them dead for fear of doing something wrong. That’s why our training is designed to make sure they understand how their actions contribute to IT security, and how to react in critical situations.

Our training methods.

Our concept enables time-efficient training through a combination of various methods and content to ensure consistent awareness among the entire workforce. Naturally, the training is tailored to match the realities in your organisation and allow employees to find a quick approach to the issue.

Security Awareness Training for your employees.

Our training uses a dedicated e-learning tool that’s been purpose designed to teach IT security at the workplace. E-learning is a great way to deliver the right knowledge to the right people in your organisation in an affordable way that is also direct, interactive, and available in many languages. Content is delivered through a combination of audio and video, rich presentations and text.

Simulated phishing tests.

Everyday tasks offer the best opportunities to test your employees’ awareness of their contribution to IT security. For instance, our experts can create your own harmless phishing e-mails to see if employees are able to detect them, or if they click on links or open attachments. By the same token, it is possible to analyse how likely employees are to inadvertently pass their user names and passwords on to an attacker.

Partners in security.

As the leading IT security specialist, we take an end-to-end approach to protecting our customers’ assets, from in-depth security management consulting, to implementing effective solutions from leading security providers, to security audits and raising employee awareness.


Have questions about our IT security services or want to learn more about our solutions? Just get in touch. We’re happy to help.

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Do you have questions about our services in the field of IT security or would you like to learn more about our solutions? Contact us - we will be happy to support you.

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What security measures are relevant for your company?

Application security.

Even harmless applications can turn into security problems. We’ll demonstrate how you can best protect your company against this.

Cloud security.

From private and public to hybrid cloud—every infrastructure is different and therefore needs to be considered individually. We’ll show you what to watch out for.

Data centre security.

Are you still using legacy hardware? Is your data centre already completely digital or are you using a hybrid cloud? We’ll highlight all security factors.

Data protection and information security.

How should your company react when you detect theft? What consequences are there? We’ll answer the most important questions.

Infrastructure and perimeter security.

Companies need IT infrastructures tailored to their companies. And we’ll be glad to show you what you need to take into account.

Workplace security.

The working world is currently changing. Companies are embracing new technologies to increase their efficiency and productivity.

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