The 360° Workplace of the Future.

Work from Anywhere.

Many factors determine whether a company is an attractive employer or not, including working conditions, flexible working hours, and an open corporate culture. Especially the younger generations find it very important to be set up with excellent IT equipment, including mobile end user devices and a fast network connection—all factors that influence their choice of employer.

From the employers’ point of view, well-equipped workspaces and flexible working hours and locations have a very positive influence on efficiency. This means that the modern digital workplace, equipped with the latest technology and offering maximum flexibility offers twofold benefits: The workplace of the future—also referred to as the Modern Workplace—boosts recruiting while increasing productivity.


But there are questions that need to be answered:

  • What influence will the workplace of the future have on IT security?
  • How can location-independent working be incorporated into existing structures?
  • Which infrastructure and expertise are required?
  • What needs to be done when initially setting up these workplaces or taking existing ones to a higher level?
  • What steps are required, which make sense and pay off in the long-term?
  • And why is it essential to involve employees, IT and management in the move towards the Modern Workplace?

We would like to answer these and other questions for you in your very own consulting session so that we can analyse what exactly it is that your company and employees need.


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Five areas that modern companies should consider:

Your Structur.

Is your current IT infrastructure up-to-date? Does it meet the demands of a modern workplace?

Human Resource.

Are we an attractive employer for skilled workers, and can we guarantee them excellent IT?


What’s the best way of implementing Remote Working in our company?


Is your IT configuration up to today’s standards?


Which IT security strategy does your company follow?

One answer: The 360° Workplace of the Future.

Why should you take action now? Because it’s time to switch to modern working methods and not get left behind. Companies have also come to understand that digitalisation is not just a means of cost optimisation, but rather a way to develop their business while comprehensively supporting customer service and employee retention.

The modern digital world of work requires a combination of applications, service, data, and information, tailored to the worker’s needs. The transition from the physical to the digital workplace becomes fluid, as individual employees have full access to the information they need, wherever, whenever, and on whatever device.

Two scenarios. Private or public cloud?

Using standardised technology, we can offer you the services you need defined in an SLA private (Swiss) or public cloud. Whether device management, data handling or messaging & collaboration, the 360° Workplace of the Future covers it all!

The 360° Workplace of the Future with Bechtle. Our approach.

Whether for SMEs or corporations, private enterprises or public contractors: In four steps, we’ll work with you to create your personal Digital  Workplace concept.

1. Strategy and governance.
2. Planning and design.
3. Implementation.
4. Transformation management.
1. Strategy and governance.

Create a mutual understanding in your company of the 360° Workplace of the Future as part of a digitalisation strategy. We work together with you to define your requirements. 

2. Planning and design.

We analyse your IT architecture and draft a personal solution tailored to your needs before selecting the best IT solution.

3. Implementation.

If the solutions are in place, we move on to the migration phase. We don’t want our users to notice what is going on so that they can continue to work without interruptions.  

4. Transformation management.

We’ll help you familiarise your users and managers with the modern technologies. It’s all about taking the users on a journey. A critical process for success. Alongside workshops and training classes, we work with company management to develop a communications strategy that cements the 360° Workplace of the Future as part of the corporate strategy and establish it inside the company.  

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