360° infrastructure – Bechtle’s Cloud First solution.

These days, the provisioning of new IT systems can take up to 6 months—an absolute eternity in our fast-paced business world. As a result, the actual demand for IT resources is hard to calculate. The result is that companies purchase more than they really need and either need to carry out expensive refits or pay money for unused servers, networks and storage.

A growing number of companies are therefore reducing their investments in their own data centres, preferring to put their faith in Cloud First as cloud services are affordable, easy to scale and offer the necessary flexibility to be able to react quickly to business changes.

Bechtle realised the benefits of a Cloud First strategy several years ago and developed a solution for companies: 360° infrastructure.

360° infrastructure is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution that Bechtle offers as an all round solution for customers who want to focus on their business. While you concentrate on your daily business and innovations, we make sure your IT is running perfectly.


Flyer 360° infrastructure 


There are many benefits to 360° infrastructure:

  • No investment costs
  • Highest flexibility
  • No IT architecture modernisation needed
  • Simple scalability
  • Cloud Services can be provisioned on demand


  • Bechtle takes care of the firewall, backups, security, performance, etc.
  • Perfect for SMEs that do not want to set up their own data centre, but still want to benefit from maximum flexibility.
  • Secure data storage in Swiss data centres
  • A complete, all round solution

Who benefits most from Infrastructure-as-a-Service?

Operating an own data centre is a burden for many companies. Not many customers want to deal with IT, preferring to focus on their business. With 360° infrastructure, your company is free from the shackles of IT, and can become much more flexible and agile.

The perfect all round solution from Bechtle.

Bechtle offers a secure and flexible all round solution for businesses from Swiss data centres. Thanks to our 20 years of experience with data centres and clouds, we enjoy the highest levels of trust and satisfaction among our customers. Our customers particularly appreciate the close collaboration with our IT Business Architects that are by their side for all things business and IT.

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