Bechtle IoT/AI solutions: Innovative approaches demand a unique partner.

No matter if goods, people or complete production facilities, buildings or cities—the Internet of Things (IoT) enables the creation of a real-time, digital image of physical objects and environments as well as a connection to existing systems. From cost savings and optimised customer service to facilitating new business models—IoT opens up a world of new possibilities particularly in combination with artificial intelligence (AI).

SMEs, corporations, municipalities and public institutions leverage IoT to access data and information on entire infrastructures and objects, both in real-time and in great detail, opening up a wealth of new opportunities, such as optimising logistics processes, avoiding production downtime, analysing shoppers’ behaviour, tracking CO2 emissions and energy consumption and even monitoring the occupancy rate of hospital beds. On top of reducing costs and optimising processing, IoT enables digital pioneers to create completely new and customer-oriented business models such as pay per use and online booking systems. 

The benefits of IoT/AI solutions at a glance:

More transparency thanks to more data.

Real-time action.

Increased productivity.

Reduced costs.

Optimised collaboration.

Improved customer satisfaction.

Enables digital business models.

Head of IoT/AI Solutions

Stefan Schweiger

But that’s only just the beginning of a path that’s leading from smart assets in superordinate environments to completely intelligent eco-systems, fuelled by the increasing optimisation of cloud, transfer and chip technologies. 

Find out what makes Bechtle your partner of choice and why our services portfolio is one-of-a-kind on the market. Our more than 70 IoT and analytics experts have many years of diverse experience in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and that paired with the power of a technologically sophisticated AI platform and the expertise of one of the largest IT system houses in Switzerland are what we at Bechtle can deliver. All this means we are able to offer support in regional and global projects thanks to our holistic approach, which is unique on the Swiss market.  

Bundled expertise.

When companies get started with their IoT projects, most discover they face the greatest challenges in rolling out and operating their solutions. Evaluating and using data is relatively straightforward compared to its ongoing generation. IoT success rides and falls on the reliable, secure and cost-effective generation and transfer of data, which can become a stumbling block for businesses as they lack the necessary experience, staff and resources and an even greater challenge on the global stage. 

The planning, installation and operation of reliable sensor systems; the configuration of a scalable infrastructure as well as the affordable transmission of data into the cloud or an on-premise solution demand the precise interaction of various components you don’t find in a traditional IT portfolio such as sensors, electrical engineering and modern transmission technology. Familiarity with edge processing and the field of security is absolutely essential, and, last but not least, experience is needed in the connection of peripheral systems such as ERP, analytics and even cognitive systems, as the full potential of IoT can only be achieved when it is linked with these. 

As one of only a handful on the market, Bechtle can support you to plan and roll out your IoT solution. We combine IoT expertise—data generation, transfer and storage—with the experience and ability to deliver solutions of a large IT system house. 

What’s IoT all about? A definition and why its use is growing in importance.

The term IoT (Internet of Things) describes the digital network of physical objects (things) in a structure similar to that of the internet. “Things” can be individual devices, but also buildings, living beings, goods, machines or even complete facilities. The IoT approach collects data from these individual “things” and transfers it to a central storage location either on-premise or in the cloud. This data can then be shared with others, linked up, processed and used accordingly. An extended approach sees the triggering of event-based actions (e.g. automatic redelivery). If data is stored over a longer period of time, it is possible to not only react more quickly, but also to plan better.

The expression IoT was coined 20 years ago and the collection of data from “things” through the use of RFID can be considered the first IoT technology suitable for use by the masses. Thanks to developments in sensors and transmission technology, these days it is not only possible to determine and transmit the position of the “things”, but also their status. Transmission technologies with larger bandwidths such as 5G are considerably broadening IoT’s spectrum and applications. Even video stream can be transmitted, analysed on a powerful AI platform before corresponding actions are triggered. But that’s not the only reason behind the rapid dissemination of IoT of up to 30% per year depending on the segment. Studies carried out by leading research institutions already point to a total of 20.6 billion networked “things”. IoT seemingly now has a foothold in nearly every part of our lives.

Get up and running faster and reap the benefits sooner: an industry-specific approach with a tried-and-tested solutions portfolio.

Whether in manufacturing, buildings, cities, healthcare facilities, in retail or agriculture, when it comes to IoT, individual requirements and scenarios differ considerably depending on the area. The good news is, with Bechtle by your side, you don’t have to start from scratch. 

Our portfolio includes tried-and-tested, scalable and turnkey solutions for a whole range of industries and segments that we implement in collaboration with partners experienced in the respective industries. We’ll always find the best and most affordable for your needs, taking on planning and implementation as your primary partner, considering both the technical and operational feasibility of your project and drawing on our experience of already implemented IoT/AI projects in your segment. 

In Bechtle, you can be sure you have a central and experienced partner for all your needs. Plan, build and run—the reliability and expertise you’ve come to expect from Bechtle in other areas is now also available to you in all things IoT/AI, meaning you can quickly implement IoT technologies and start reaping the benefits. 

Versed in the interplay between IoT and AI.

IoT reaches whole new heights when used in connection with artificial intelligence (AI). When using AI-based applications, any added value comes from the data gathered, which conversely means that every IoT project needs to consider future links with artificial intelligence, because collecting data is not just about generating it, but about using it to its full advantage.  

Together, IoT and AI can gather data from a range of different sources (sensors, cameras, microphones), before transforming, correlating and networking it. Data mining can then be leveraged to create forecasts, gain insights and trigger actions using workflows you define. In other words, information becomes actions and this is AIoT (Actionable IoT). 

In order to achieve this added value for you, our IoT/Ai Solutions business unit deliberately consolidates both topics under one roof and works with partners such as the G2K Group—and established technology company that developed the Parsifal platform. Parsifal consists of more 2.5 million lines of code and has already been used to realise smart city, smart building, retail and venue-related projects. It is complemented by Bechtle's resources in the fields of analytics and BI. 

Everything from a single source.

When it comes to complex IoT/AI projects, it can be advantageous to have one partner you can turn to no matter the issue. IoT/AI covers a whole range of disciplines that need to be mastered and this is where Bechtle stands out from the crowd. Only we combine longstanding and distinctive IoT expertise in the areas of devices, connectivity, IoT architecture and business know-how with the portfolio of a leading IT service provider in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

Alongside our many years of IoT experience, we offer support in the selection and deployment of hardware, as well as cost-effective connectivity and access to public or even private servers.  We can also help with the procurement of software licences and the development of your IT infrastructure as both these can and must change with the use of IoT solutions. Last but not least, we also take on the rollout and management of your IoT solutions and offer advice on the potential uses of AI combined with IoT. 

With Bechtle, you can therefore be sure that’ll you’ll receive all the services you need to get your IoT/AI solution up and running—all from a single source and aligned perfectly with each other. If you are already a Bechtle customer and want to know more about the possibilities of IoT/AI based on your existing infrastructure, simply get in touch and discover the unique opportunities available to you. 

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