IoT/AI – The next big thing.


Use of IoT and AI is continuously increasing. Driven by new technologies in data transmission, sensor technology, the cloud and applications, demand and interest among businesses is soaring. Some people say that IoT/AI will see the dawn of a new industrial revolution.

IoT is now being used pretty much everywhere with buzzwords like Smart Home, Smart City, Smart Retail, Industry 4.0, Smart Health Care, Digital Supply Chain and Smart Factory all the norm in some industries, but uses and benefits differ depending on the segment.

There is enormous potential behind IoT, which is why decision-makers are analysing how the technology could be implemented in their own companies.
Bechtle Schweiz AG is responding to this development by expanding its portfolio of services.

The principles of IoT.

The principle behind IoT/AI is that real things and information about a location or state are transmitted using suitable technology into the cloud.

The data is saved in the cloud where it can be accessed for further processing. Then, at application level, the data generated by IoT is either used as a basis for monitoring and alarms or even to generate predictions. But that’s not the end of the story. The use of machine learning, combining IoT with ERP or CRM systems, and leveraging IoT-generated data as a component of blockchain projects is on the rise.

For many customers, two main arguments for IoT are better, location-agnostic transparency and faster, event-based processes, from which many use cases can be derived.

The idea is simple, but most customers don’t have any ideas about how they can benefit from this technology. Even those customers, who already have some experience of IoT, are faced with considerable challenges and often feel overwhelmed with the implementation.

IoT Basic Principle

The challenge of IoT.


IoT Life Cycle.

Companies not only have to tackle the technical side, but also organisational aspects. When the business demands something, IT has to react.

Inter-disciplinary expertise in sensor technology, edge processing, wireless technology and the cloud is required and in may cases IoT technology is uncharted territory for IT departments.

At the end of the day, IoT solutions have to be integrated into existing IT landscapes and security guaranteed. Furthermore, using IoT means getting to grips with each stage of the IoT lifecycle.

IoT/AI Services


Bechtle Schweiz AG’s 360-degree approach.

This is exactly where Bechtle Switzerland’s 360-degree service portfolio comes in. We have enriched our system house with IoT-specific expertise and built on that with a large IoT eco-system, helping you to take the complexity out of IoT projects. We are by your side during every phase of the IoT lifecycle as a strong partner for an innovative topic.


Bechtle is your ideal partner for the planning and implementation of IoT/AI solutions with experts in numerous fields. With its many years of IoT experience and access to experts in other departments, Bechtle IoT/AI Solutions will be with you every step of the way. We also offer IoT/AI services that mean you don’t have to worry about building up resources yourself. If you have specific questions, we can even provide you with an expert until the issue is resolved.

IoT services.

As your reliable partner, we at Bechtle offer four services depending on your IoT readiness. You can either fall back on our specific knowledge and products or leverage Bechtle Schweiz AG’s existing service organisation. We are your central contact and act as your primary contracting partner.

Bechtle Control Suite | Use digitalisation & automation efficiently.
Efficient use of digitalisation & automation with the IoT-based Bechtle Control Suite. Moderate costs & scalable to your business.

“Bechtle Schweiz AG is your partner for every stage of the IoT lifecycle. We have enriched our system house with IoT-specific business and technological expertise and built on that with a large IoT eco-system to help you quickly and securely implement your IoT project. You can rely on our expertise, experience and resources when it comes to the planning, implementation and expansion of IoT/AI projects.”
Stefan Schweiger, Head of IoT/AI Solutions, Bechtle Schweiz AG
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