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Enhanced collaboration with the right tools.

Collaboration is a hot topic that everyone is talking about, but only very few companies have actually considered how they work


because most of them have their focus elsewhere. Collaboration is difficult and excessive meetings keep employees from doing their jobs. Communications channels are incompatible, processes are not optimised and applications are not tailored to users’ actual needs.


The result is frustrated employees, who are unhappy in their jobs and a business that is stuck in the mud.

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Enhanced workflows. More collaboration. More success.

Collaboration is much more than sharing content and information. Today, interactive social media features are playing an increasingly important role as employees also interact socially.


The subject of collaboration is also very multi-faceted and is often associated with digital forms and automated processes. With such solutions to choose from as Nintex or Microsoft Flow, a wide variety of tasks including submitting vacation requests, job vacancy descriptions, orders, company car reservations, approval processes and applications can be digitalised quickly and easily. Communication channels such as e-mail, chats and video conferences also have to be aligned to the user so that collaboration is promoted rather than disrupted.


Only when collaboration can take place smoothly can businesses benefit from it in the form of more efficient employees and business targets that can reached more quickly. Arguments that should win over all organisations.

Rethinking collaboration.

The Digital Workplace could be so much better. New requirements also enable new forms of collaboration that benefit companies:


  • Multi-user editing and versioning
  • Digital workspaces for tasks, appointments and sharing
  • Individual collaboration teams (e.g. for project teams, customers, suppliers etc.)
  • User-optimised interfaces and intuitive operation
  • Read and write access at user or group level

The basis for the workplace of the future.

Bechtle is working on tomorrow’s solutions, today. The Modern Workplace is digital and provides a wide-range of innovative collaboration solutions. We offer you the right tools and support for all levels of collaboration. Whether its SharePoint, Skype for Business, WebEx, Exchange or Microsoft Teams, we have the right solution for you.


We’ll work together with you to create a roadmap and will support you to find the right technologies. We will also prepare you for introducing the new technologies into your company in terms of user adoption and employee acceptance.

Tailored business solutions.

Can’t find a collaboration solutions that’s a perfect fit?

We are happy to create an extension to your existing solution e.g. for SharePoint, iOS or Android. We will also develop a personal collaboration solution that is aligned to the needs of your business.

A partnership for the future.

Bechtle has been providing mid-sized businesses and large companies with tailored IT solutions for over 20 years. As a long-term business partner of numerous vendors, we boast the highest certifications, including Microsoft Gold and Silver status, Cisco Premier Partner status and many more.


Questions about collaboration or want to learn more about our services? Our experts are looking forward to your call.

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