Datacenter Security

Security & data centre –Two peas in a pod.

A company’s data centre is at the heart of your IT. It’s where data and applications are stored that should never fall into the wrong hands. This makes data centre security crucial for building customer trust, protecting your reputation and ultimately cementing a good relationship between management and IT. Having your own data centre can potentially give you maximum control and security. A lot of industries have no other choice than to run their own systems. Storing everything in the cloud is not always option. While not every company has the same IT security budget at their disposal as specialised cloud providers, we are all exposed to the same threats. What steps should you be taking now to best protect your data centre? With a partner like Bechtle at your side with access to the finest IT experts, you can concentrate on your business while we take care of security. Together we’ll come up with the perfect IT security solution for your company.

The advantages of a strategic concept for data centre security at a glance:


The best protection available through the use of modern technologies. 



A single, all-embracing approach instead of uncountable standalone solutions.


Relieve your IT with professional external support.


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Hand in hand, we’ll come up with the perfect IT security solution for your company.

Data centre security – Protecting your IT’s heart.

Centralised databases, ERP systems or application servers for important apps: Systems that companies run on their own hardware are crucial for their daily operations. Besides availability, data centre security is one the most important criteria that a company’s IT is going to be judged on in an emergency. These are two points that will only get noticed by management and colleagues once an incident occurs and the attention is drawn to someone’s careless behaviour. Companies that invest in their own hardware and run their own IT do not only have individual requirements, they also have high internal expectations for security and availability. If management decides to take the risk and run infrastructure on its own terms, it will have to face up to the challenge of finding a viable security concept and providing high availability.

Datacenter Security

Alive and kicking – Security at the Bechtle data centre.

It’s been three years since the heart of Bechtle’s IT infrastructure found a new home on Europe’s largest data centre campus. The migration from the company’s Neckarsulm HQ to the e-shelter premises in Frankfurt was absolutely textbook. No boxes were packed. No vans were loaded. Instead, Bechtle decided to go for a clean slate. All the hardware and software necessary was bought, delivered to and configured at the new location. A textbook migration. And the first step towards an all-embracing security concept.

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Data-Center Protection

Bechtle data centre protection can ensure your data centre’s security.

Security is not just a voluntary exercise, or a meaningless routine that burns up budgets. On the contrary, data and application security are the basis for a trusting relationship to your customers and compliance. Without the necessary data centre security, companies are at risk of being hit with contractual penalties and breaking the law. Data protection violations and security incidents that have become known to the public can have dramatic and long lasting effects on your business and your company’s reputation. Bechtle offers its customers bespoke solutions from experienced and certified experts for data centres. Bechtle provides its customers IT with customised services, implementation and security solution management and has developed a data centre security framework for this very purpose that is based on established security manufacturers.

A new way to experience data centre security – With Bechtle
But what is data centre security all about?

Intelligent data centre security anticipates potential threats and deflects these with the right technical measures. One factor here is physical IT security, which entails protection from trespassers, fire and power outages, but also  ensures appropriate air conditioning in the data centre. Just as the design of the server room was built to serve its purpose, it’s important to include the aspect of security into the choice of hardware and software architecture from the get-go.

Data centre security architecture is different to classic perimeter security architecture because data centres require such a high degree of availability. Bechtle has developed the data centre security framework for this very purpose that takes into account both inbound and outbound data traffic. Firewalls are highly available and built-up in multiple layers, while applications are secured via Loadbalancer, which also includes a web application firewall and authentication modules. The framework also implements technologies to deflect DDoS-attacks on data centres and applications hosted there.

Technical protection falls under IT’s responsibility. The redundancy of critical systems is necessary for reliable operation and resistance against malfunctions. Firewall solutions parry network attacks, while consistent monitoring can warn of potentially dangerous events. Synchronised processes and surveillance are essential for data centre security: By changing the configuration and settings, you may unknowingly open loopholes in your defence line. This shows that even your own employees play a part in a security concept.

Virtualisation is the key to data centre architecture. Having your hardware in your cellar or at a host isn’t less abstract than having cloud infrastructures. Platforms and applications only see hardware as an abstraction. Ranging from the network to storage, most installations have virtualised all hardware layers. Bechtle designs this architecture and manages data centre security for customers ranging from small businesses to large data centres. We can look back on an abundance of successful projects and best practices that have benefited our customers. Bechtle teams up with certified experts and partner companies to draw up.

The Datacenter
  1. The data centre – The nucleus of many companies.

  2. Over the next years, companies will still have their own data centres. Ever since large mainframe computers were moved into the cellars of big companies decades ago and inhouse data centres became the norm around the turn of the millennium, for corporate IT, having your own centralised IT infrastructure has become commonplace. Despite cloud computing, your own hardware will remain important. A lot of companies are restricted from using cloud architectures to their full potential due to being critical infrastructure (CI) companies, publicly owned or legally bound by contracts and handling extremely sensitive data—forcing them to run their own infrastructure. Cloud computing has its advantages compared to an inhouse data centre. On the other hand, having your own data centre gives your IT the possibility to provide business-critical applications safely and reliably and hence contribute to the success of your company. At the end of the day, it’s about having full control over the technology without an added risk with regard to the customer’s strategy. Bechtle supports companies with the right protection by providing a modern data centre strategy.

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