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File transfer, remote maintenance, home office. Independent of operating system and version. Licensing. Low latency. Administration. Performance. High frame rates. Flexibility.

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Tanium is the platform trusted by the most demanding and complex organisations to provide visibility and control across all endpoints in on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments. Tanium addresses today''s growing IT challenges with highly reliable endpoint data, giving IT operations, security and risk teams the confidence to manage, secure and protect their networks quickly and at scale. Nearly half of Fortune 100 companies, leading retailers and financial institutions, and several branches of the US armed forces rely on Tanium to see and control every endpoint everywhere. Build on reassurance.

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Both businesses and organisations in the public sector are regularly confronted with the challenge of putting a large number of new servers into operation. This involves primarily deploying a company-wide standard configuration of operating systems, settings and applications on all the servers. Performed manually, this task can last hours or even days. A deployment solution like Acronis Snap Deploy 3 for Servers does it in minutes. Using proven disk-imaging technology, Snap Deploy 3 makes an image of the entire hard drive of a standard configuration. This is ideal for simultaneous bare metal installations of multiple servers through the network.

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Duration: 1 year(s), Product language: Multiple languages, Licensing model: Acronis Licence Programme, Operating system: Windows, Segment: Corporate

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Our Bechtle online shop offers over 70,000 products in total, including hardware and software as well as licences and manufacturer warranties. This extensive portfolio enables you to build the exact IT infrastructure you want with the expert advice of our professional product managers. Operating systems are essential and can vary considerably. Databases require suitable software to meet specific administrative, analytical, benchmarking and reporting requirements. And need we even mention the importance of data backups?


The right software for every industry

We work closely with leading infrastructure software providers. Microsoft is a key player when it comes to operating systems. Veritas offers secure storage management solutions while Ivanti covers lifecycle management, migration, monitoring, reporting as well as software provisioning and maintenance. Evidently, running an effective infrastructure entails an endless list of tasks, but you can count on proven software to deliver lasting solutions.


Equip your IT for the future at Bechtle

Corporate infrastructure is always changing. Virtualisation allows you to unlock tremendous resources in no time. And as servers, storage and networks become increasingly intertwined, management processes must adapt. At Bechtle, we realise we have the opportunity—and responsibility—to keep up to the minute on IT trends and offer you the best software for your company’s infrastructure.